Katherine Warren





7/12/1905 , Bay City, Michigan, USA



Birth Name

Katharine Warren




The author of this biography is Ms. Warren's son.

Katharine Warren's career began on the stage. She played many roles on and off Broadway, and toured the United States in the role of Roxanne in Cyrano DeBergerac, opposite Walter Hampden, in the 30s. In 1939 she married Clark (aka Vernon) Chesney, also a stage actor, in Philadelphia. They lived in New York City. In 1947 their son David was born, and in 1948 they moved to Southern California due to Clark's illness. He passed away in 1951.

Katharine's movie and TV career began in the late 40s and continued unitl a year or two before her death in 1965. She never had a continuing role in a TV series but was featured in many episodes of popular shows during the 50s-60s, including Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Leave it to Beaver, Laramie, Bonanza, Texaco Star Theater, Father Knows Best and a host of other programs.

Her cinema career includes many roles as well, in films such as the Caine Mutiny, The Glen Miller Story, Battles of Chief Pontiac, All the King's Men, Three Secrets, and a cameo role in Jailhouse Rock in addition to many others.