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  • She is a good actor - but she needs to GO. She is just getting in the way.

    She is a good actor - but she needs to GO. She is just getting in the way. I know that she has a lot of talent, that is obvious, and she is very attractive, not a doubt. But, I just don't like her on this show. I have been watching Bones since the beginning and in my opinion she is changing the chemistry that we all want to see between Bones and Booth. No one knows Bones like Booth and accepts her for the strange, literal, brilliant, squint that her cheracter is supposed to represent. Also, we already know she is not going to be a regular so why complicate the story line.
  • Unexpected

    I was watching a rerun of House last night, and I recognized the lead patient of the episode. I looked it up, and discovered that she's a Canadian born actress who was on a show called Student Bodies. Now, I remember watching that show, I remember her, but mostly I remember thinking that she was a terrible actress. Last night my opinion of her changed exponentially. She was fantastic as Eve, the rape victim. She was believable, she was empathetic, she was everything an actress playing such a challenging role needs to be. I really hope that I see her again in the future, playing such serious and deep characters.
  • i would like to let Miss Katheryn Winnick know that i have become a huge fan of hers and i look foward to meeting her sometime in the near future. Her outstanding looks and talent will take her far in hollywood.

    well, i just had the pleasure of watching katheryn winnick as a medical student who was being set up by a doctor that happened to be her uncle, for being crazy ! I have seen her work before in the matthew mccaugnhy movie, but i did not catch her name in that movie. This time, i made sure i got her name as she absolutly blew me away with her natural beauty and voice. She is quite a stunning performer and has a great future in front of her. I can see her in big screen movies from now on !