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  • Christmas

    Kathie Lee, I watched as you were being interviewed by Savannah and Hoda on your trip to Isreal. You mentioned that a spiritual leader told you they knew Jesus was not born on December 25th,but did you ever wonder why Christmas was chosen? If you google ( Iknow sounds funny) the origin of Christmas, it will tell you in essense ,that day was originally the birth of the sun Celebrated by the Romans. It's when the days start to get longer. Please google it, you will be amazed to see why Jehovah's Witnesses do not ceolebrate that day. Why go broke one day out of the whole year when you can buy anything you want for your children on any given day? Check out Easter as well. Why do you celebrate your birthday on a diferent day each year,but choose to keep Easter on Sunday? We, Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate the memorial of Jesus death, because that is what ur salvation was dependent on, not his resurrection. His resurrection was to show what will happen to our dead loved ones after Jesus and His Father clean up this earth. And that is what gives us our hope. Please, if you get a chance, seek out a Kingdom Hall near you and attend the Memorial on March 31st. To find out the time ask one of the Witnesses - there is no obligation, no offering plate passed and you may enjoy it. Later, if you want to hear of the resurrection of your husband, talk to a Witness and he/she will enlighten you. Thanks for listening.. Sara Razey @ .

    By the way, we aren't party poopers - we celebrate our wedding anniversaries, too. By the way, the only two birthdays celebrated in the Bible brought death to two people. One of them was the beheading of John the Baptist.

  • Can't stand her

    Just get her off of TV
  • alcoholics?

    Never could figure out the purpose of these 2 women having wine glasses in front of them. Its morning for God sakes . Why promote alcohol on a descent show? There are people out the that do have problems with drinking. Even if its for looks and just juice, why say its wine.. I know its your freedom of rights, but really coming from such a "godly" person Kathy. I guess I dont understand all the garb that goes with these shows. Next we'll see Al and Matt with a wine glass in front of a coffee not against drinking so much as to see how it being promoted to be cool. And then you have young ones wanting to try it. I cant think of another show that has wine on the desk, but Im sure there venting. When u know an alcoholic, its hard to hear them go on about the whole wine in class thing on morning show.
  • Kathy Lee Gifford

    Kathy is a very pretty lady
  • Wake up TODAY

    I can NOT stand Hoda and Kathy Lee I watch TODAY every morning but turn off when these two witches appear. What are you thinking TODAY keeping these two.
  • Boys Round Here

    OMG Kathy you suck. Could you have a more sour look on your face. You are pathetic, I hope you plastic face melts off, no wonder Al cheated on your sorry ass!
  • IDIOT. I can't believe NBC actually pays her to do what she does. She is so stuck-up, rude, annoying, and disrespectful. You'd think they would want to hire someone who seems at least SOMEWHAT intelligent if they are bringing news stories to viewers.


    I recently started watching nbc in the morning before i have class. I let the news run for a while, and eventually Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb come on the show. They start running stories (most are pretty unimportant) and half the time, these two ladies are either laughing, gasping, screaming, or talking at the same time. And they do all of these loudly and commonly while a video is playing so sometimes you can barely tell what's going on. Hoda, while also not being very good at her job, at least comes off as a nice lady who is just kind ditsy and enthusiastic (which is the reason she's not great). Kathie, however, is a different story. She is straight up rude, obnoxious, loud, disrespectful, and just annoying. She is constantly acting stuck-up and seems to think she has wisdom and intelligence, which she definitely does not. I honestly do not understand how she is paid to do all this by NBC. Its absurd. Why don't they hire someone who actually has something good to add to the show? Who the eff knows...

  • I want to know how Kathy Lee thinks she helped that autistic boy by humiliating him on TV.

    She showed how sad and lonely he is and just made him feel worse. I have a son in a similar situation, she has no idea what she just did to him. And what were his parents thinking to let him be humiliated like that? Now everyone knows just how bad he feels, it's disgusting to take advantage like that!!! Seriously!! How about you try to help people instead of making them look like losers! My son has to suffer every day and I would never let anyone put him in that position. Try making him feel good by highlighting good things about him instead of just making the other boy look like a hero. It's great he helped but why does the autistic boy have to look back for him to look good?
  • Very talented singer and hostess

    I felt very bad over Kathie Lee after the sweatshop
    Scandal as well as having her husband had an affair
    With an airline stewardess. But she has since rebounded as well as now became her old and sweet self. She just wasn't her old and sweet self after those two scandals broke!
    Way to go Kathie Lee on lifting yourself up out of the ashes!
  • Why I love Kathie Lee Gilford? Because I said so!

    I been following Kathie Lee gilford for many years although I never saw "Regis and Kathy Lee." I just like to say that she is a gorgous woman who went though a lot. In 1997, when her husband Frank had an affair, My thoughs and my heart went with Kathie. she went though a lot and I stand by her in my heart and in my mind. I wrote her a letter one year. My thoughs are with her. Watching Kathie Lee is just a pure joy. the critics will have their say and I had mine. I love Kathie Lee Gilford and I hope she makes another television appearace soon.
  • Katie Lee needs to realize that as a TV peronality she needs to learn what Biased means then avoid it.

    Katie Lee needs to realize that as a TV peronality she needs to learn what Biased means then avoid it.

    After seeing the wedding game segment on 6/25, it is obvious that Kathie Lee needs to be watched a little closer when she speaks so as not to offend entire demographics of people. By insuling the Pagan religion, you are not exactly 'living the Cristian Life'.

    I have been a fan of Kathie Lee for a verylong time. I remember when she started with Regis. She is entertaining personified. That is why I am even more upset and insulted than others might be.