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  • A small, petite young woman, Kathleen Beller brought much bigger and certainly more larger dramatics to the hit Prime Time drama "Dynasty". She also managed to keep herself in a great position for many years.

    Some times new faces on a television show mean trouble, and, for a while, I figured trouble was all we could get when I first saw sight of Kirby Anders, on "Dynasty". Much to my suprise, Beller made a real character out of this role. She was certainly a pretty, good natured woman who was adorable, the way everyone towered over all the time. She had some dark secrets that were never figured out. I presume that was because the producers wanted her character to be like all the rest, but alas, Beller was able to rise above the fun vindictive side, and made such a cute role fun to watch. While I have seen little of Kathleens' work, I do know that she is extremely good when she puts forth all her effort. She could make you cry, or feel intent on seeking justice. All this and more, is why something good should be said about Kathleen Beller.