Kathleen Herles





Queens, New York

Birth Name

Kathleen Herles




Kathleen may not be recognizable, but her voice is. She is the voice of "Dora the Explorer." Kathleen has been acting for 9 years. Only 13 years old, she has appeared on Sesame Street and her voice can be heard on many commercials, including spots for Safeguard, L'Oreal, and Census 2000

Kathleen is the voice of Dora on the hit Nick Jr. TV series Dora the Explorer. First appearing in 1999, the character has since grown so popular that it is now the favorite of preschool children-selling more footwear than Barbie, more pajamas than Winnie the Pooh, more Band-Aids than Spider Man, and more dolls than Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella. The best-selling ice cream is currently the Dora Popsicle. She also is the most-invited birthday party character.