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    • Kathleen: (When asked how she became the voice of Dora) My manager had sent me to the audition here in Manhattan and after the audition the same day they called me and said that they want me to do the voice of Dora.

    • Kathleen: I don't do anything to, um, do the voice of Dora. I just have a lot on energy and stuff. It's just like acting just that you're not seen.

    • Kathleen: (On the subject of recording an episode) We go into a booth and there they have everything set up- the mic, and the script and everything and they do, um, a mic check to make sure how my voice is. And then we just start recording.

    • Kathleen Herles: (When asked if she spoke Spanish before starting the role of Dora the Explorer) Yes, I did. My parents are from Peru, so I talk Spanish with them and my grandma.

    • Kathleen Herles: It was amazing because I never thought as a little kid that I would be a voice on a TV show. And it's so amazing that out of so many kids that auditioned for this show, that I was the one that got picked.

    • Kathleen Herles: (Referring to when people realize she is "Dora") They go crazy because they never actually met anyone who's famous. But eighth graders, they come up to me they and have printables, Dora printables. Can you sign this for me? But they're like older than most little kids and I can't believe that they watch these shows.

    • Kathleen Herles: I love being Dora, especially because she's bilingual and speaks Spanish.

    • Kathleen Herles: I just read it. I had a very high-pitched voice because I was young. I just read it normally.

    • Kathleen Herles: We were on our way to go see my grandma, and on our way there they called to say I got the part. We just couldn't believe it—-my mom had to stop the car and we were all screaming and everything.