Kathleen Kinmont

Kathleen Kinmont


2/3/1965, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Kathleen Kinmont Smith



Also Known As

Kathleen Kinmont Smith, Kathleen Kinmont Burns
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Kathleen was born on february 3rd 1965 in Las Vegas to actress Abby Dalton (birth name Marlene Wasden )and Jack Smith. Kathleen is one of the three children of Abby. Kathleen is mostly known for her roles in action series and movies. Kathleen was married to actor Lorenzo…more


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  • Great actress

    I loved Kathleen in her role of Cheyenne on Renegade, in which she appaered with her husband at the time Lorenzo Lamas. I watched all most evry episode of Renegade with her in it.I think it's great how she and Lorenzo met on the recording of Falcon Crest in which her mom and Lorenzop both appaered.

    She is a great actress , i think she has appaered in alot of great movies like Code name Alexa 1 and 2, both with Lorenzo in them too.

    In both movies and in Renegade she showed great fighting scenes too. I always thought that she and Lorenzo were a great couple, but Kathleen and her new husband Jerre are a super couple.moreless