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Kathleen Noone


1/8/1945, Hillsdale, New Jersey, USA

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Kathleen Noone


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Noone, a classically trained actress, is well remembered by fans of the soap opera genre as 'Ellen Dalton' on "All My Children," 'Claudia Whittaker' on "Knots Landing" and as 'Bette Katzenkazrahi' on Aaron Spelling's "Sunset Beach." Noone has also had numerous recurring roles on hits such as "Ellen,"…more


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    • Kathleen: (on her 1987 Emmy win) I was thrilled beyond belief. I can remember bolting out of my chair like Rocky, then proceeding to go up the steps and losing my shoe. My knees were shaking so much that I couldn't get my shoe on because I had nothing to hold onto. If Jean LeClerc [ex-Jeremy, All My Children] hadn't come over to me from the podium, I'd still be there.

    • Kathleen: (after "Sunset Beach" was cancelled) It doesn't mean I'm stepping away from daytime. I love daytime. I have always loved daytime. And if daytime calls again, I'll be there!

    • Kathleen: (on her on-screen love interests) You have to find something to love in them [in order] to do love scenes and form a relationship. I've always had wonderful co-stars.

    • Kathleen: I think that when you go through a period of clearing on the inside, it manifests itself on the outside in some positive way. This truly is a wonderful gift.

    • Kathleen: I have great fond memories of my time at All My Children. My character handled a lot of social issues, like teenage prenancy, being a single mom and being an older woman with younger men. A lot of these stories broke ground and I always felt proud to be given stories with substance. All My Children was a very important part of my life. It was a great experience. What a wonderful way to start out!

    • Kathleen: (on staying healthy) I work out at a gym, and I take yoga classes. I made a decision to really take care of my body.

    • Kathleen: (in 1997) I'm an X-Files freak! I would do anything to be on that show! But I've noticed that their creeps and weirdos are usually men.

    • Kathleen: I was married many years ago back in New York. We were divorced, and then I did meet somebody that I feel very much in love with - Peter Scolari's father, Art - but he died of a heart attack just before we were going to get married. It was very sudden.

    • Kathleen: I love the process of the theatre. Every night the audience becomes a new character in the play and I miss that element.

    • Kathleen: For an actor, security comes from your pocketbook. But continuity comes from your heart, and that's really what working on (on auditioning co-stars for "All My Children") is about.

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  • Such a funny actress!!

    I first came across Kathleen Noone as Mrs. Edna Wallace on Passions and boy is she such a comical actress! The ways that she works well with her co-stars, human or animal and the scenes that she's in on Passions, she steals or does her best to steal, because she does extremelly well in making her characters ones that you would just love to love! I think that Kathleen is a great actress that is being under appreciated and is underrated, just because she is starting to get older. In my opinion, she is one person who is aging very gracefully and has a lot of talent and brings much comdey and drama to the roles that she plays. I wish that she can star in more roles on other televison shows or in movies.moreless