Kathleen Noone





Hillsdale, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Kathleen O'Meara




Noone, a classically trained actress, is well remembered by fans of the soap opera genre as ‘Ellen Dalton’ on "All My Children," ‘Claudia Whittaker’ on "Knots Landing" and as ‘Bette Katzenkazrahi’ on Aaron Spelling's "Sunset Beach." Noone has also had numerous recurring roles on hits such as "Ellen," "Frasier," "Love and War," "Ned and Stacy" and "Murphy Brown." Noone also currently recurs as ‘Maggie’ on "According To Jim."

Her other credits include the movies of the week, "What Love Sees" with Richard Thomas and Annabelle Gish, "Hearts Adrift" with Don Murray, and feature films "Citizen Ruth" with Laura Dern, "Skeletons" with James Coburn and Ron Silver and "Serpants Liar." Prior to her television career, Noone spent 13 years in repertory companies, off-Broadway, was a co-founding member of the Scott Repertory Theatre, the Globe Theatre (both in Texas), and the acclaimed Colonnaides Theatre in New York City, where she co-produced and developed plays with founder/director Michael Lessac. She is currently a member of the Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles, which helps introduce playwrights to the Hollywood community through play readings in which she performs and directs.

Noone earned a BFA degree from Ithaca College and West Virginia University as well as a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Southern Methodist University. Recently, she went back to school and received a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, studying with Dr. Jean Huston, a renowned scholar and best selling author in the field of human potential. Upon receiving this degree, Noone started her own company called "Kathleen Noone's Emotional Fitness" under which she conducts "The Vent Room" where she helps students develop skills to deal with the challenges of the industry, and the weekend "Emotional Fitness" and "Creating and Sustaining a Successful Career in Theatre and the Entertainment Industry" seminars.

Noone has been nominated for three Emmy Awards, two for her portrayal of Ellen Dalton on “All My Children” and one for her portrayal of Bette on “Sunset Beach.” Kathleen won the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Daytime Drama in 1987.

In her free time, Kathleen enjoys softball (her father was a Brooklyn Dodger) and spending time with friends and family. Her birthday is January 8.