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    • Kathleen: (on her 1987 Emmy win) I was thrilled beyond belief. I can remember bolting out of my chair like Rocky, then proceeding to go up the steps and losing my shoe. My knees were shaking so much that I couldn't get my shoe on because I had nothing to hold onto. If Jean LeClerc [ex-Jeremy, All My Children] hadn't come over to me from the podium, I'd still be there.

    • Kathleen: (after "Sunset Beach" was cancelled) It doesn't mean I'm stepping away from daytime. I love daytime. I have always loved daytime. And if daytime calls again, I'll be there!

    • Kathleen: (on her on-screen love interests) You have to find something to love in them [in order] to do love scenes and form a relationship. I've always had wonderful co-stars.

    • Kathleen: I think that when you go through a period of clearing on the inside, it manifests itself on the outside in some positive way. This truly is a wonderful gift.

    • Kathleen: I have great fond memories of my time at All My Children. My character handled a lot of social issues, like teenage prenancy, being a single mom and being an older woman with younger men. A lot of these stories broke ground and I always felt proud to be given stories with substance. All My Children was a very important part of my life. It was a great experience. What a wonderful way to start out!

    • Kathleen: (on staying healthy) I work out at a gym, and I take yoga classes. I made a decision to really take care of my body.

    • Kathleen: (in 1997) I'm an X-Files freak! I would do anything to be on that show! But I've noticed that their creeps and weirdos are usually men.

    • Kathleen: I was married many years ago back in New York. We were divorced, and then I did meet somebody that I feel very much in love with - Peter Scolari's father, Art - but he died of a heart attack just before we were going to get married. It was very sudden.

    • Kathleen: I love the process of the theatre. Every night the audience becomes a new character in the play and I miss that element.

    • Kathleen: For an actor, security comes from your pocketbook. But continuity comes from your heart, and that's really what working on (on auditioning co-stars for "All My Children") is about.