Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson


7/8/1973, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Kathleen Robertson


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Has worked with stars including: Julia Roberts (Runaway Bride) Richard Gere (Runaway Bride) Sean Penn (I Am Sam) Michelle Pfeiffer (I Am Sam) Dianne Weist (I Am Sam) Lara Flynn Boyle (Speaking Of Sex) Bill Murray (Speaking Of Sex) James Woods (Scary Movie 2) Tim Curry (Scary Movie…more


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    • Kathleen: I feel really great after my bike rides, they give me the energy for a 16-hour day.

    • Kathleen: I started acting in Toronto when I was ten. I did a bunch of stuff for the National Film Board and stuff like that. I just always wanted to do it and my parents didn't have any idea why or how I was going to do it, because growing up in a small town no one did it. No one knew how to be an actor, so a lot of it was just luck starting out, sort of getting a movie, someone seeing that movie and then getting another thing.

    • Kathleen: I just always sort of knew that I wanted to be an actor and I didn't really have any way of doing it. Nobody in my family was involved in any way in the entertainment industry at all.

    • Kathleen: I'm really into antiques. But really into it because of my father, who got me into them in the first place. He's an interior designer and he's really into going to antique shows and getting up really early on Sundays and driving out to these weird little towns north of Hamilton. I am also really into religious artifacts.

    • Kathleen: If you're going to spend money on anything, spend it on skin care, like face moisturizers and eye creams and body moisturizers and bath stuff. A $30 lip liner is just kind of silly.

    • Kathleen: I didn't go to college. I did my first movie when I was 12. All through high school I had a series of tutors; I had sort of an unconventional upbringing because I was always working.

    • Kathleen: I like roles that scare me and make me wonder whether I'll be able to do it.

    • Kathleen: I don't wear anything at all when I go swimming in my backyard pool. No one can see, though; it's really private.

    • Kathleen: I hate going to the gym. It's too bring. I just bought a bike and I've been going bike riding. I usually do nine miles, which sounds like a lot, but really isn't. I probably go three mornings a week.

    • Kathleen: I started to take dancing for awhile, but really thought I wanted to be an actor. And eventually, after a National Film Board thing, I did a couple of movies. Then for awhile, I was in my teenage years and didn't want to be looked at. Eventually, I got back into it when I did a movie at 16 with John Hurt called Memory. That got me back into acting, and I still love it.

    • Kathleen: I'm a huge, huge, huge music fan. I collect CD's and tons of like rare imported B-side stuff. God, I'd list millions of bands.

    • Kathleen: I collect beautiful old crucifixes, and my very favourite thing in the world is this thing my parents bought me for my 16th birthday from a famous Canadian who had auctioned off all this stuff from his estate when he died. It's this bust of Jesus and he had it in his home and it's really old - from the 1800's or something.

    • Kathleen: I've been doing it for so long, so I look at it like, "Where was I then, and where am I now?" Every movie you do, you learn so much and you change so much.

    • Kathleen Robertson: I had a time in high school when I was working and I decided I didn't want to act anymore and I dropped out. I just didn't really want to live by the rules, so I had my little rebellion thing, but nothing as extreme as Thea's.

    • Kathleen Robertson: If I put the top down, I start to burn in about five minutes.