Kathleen Turner





6/19/1954 , Springfield, Missouri, USA

Birth Name

Mary Kathleen Turner




Kathleen Turner is an American actress who is best known for her 1980s films including Romancing The Stone and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Born on June 19, 1954 in Springfield, MO, the daughter of a foreign diplomat. She lived in several countries before earning a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Maryland. In the late 70s she starred in minor roles on stage and TV, but the film that brought her to international attention was Body Heat. The sultry role made her widely popular. She then went on to the comedy The Man With Two Brains, and then the adventurous Romancing The Stone. In 1986 she starred in Peggy Sue Got Married and won an Academy Award for Best Actress. She became the sultry voice of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and then starred in the dark comedy War of the Roses. Her career was slowed in the 1990s when she was struck with rheumatoid arthritis, but improved medical options again brought her back to roles in various television shows and voiceovers.