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Kathryn Drysdale

Kathryn Drysdale


Wigan, Lancashire, England, UK

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Kathryn Drysdale


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Kathryn was born in Wigan, Greater Manchester. She is most famous for her role as Louise Brooks in the English comedy Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. Kathryn's other works include: Tripping Over (2006) playing Lizzie Doctor Who - Love & Monsters (2006) playing Bliss.…more


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    • Kathryn: (on Tripping Over) We've [the UK] got nothing like [this show]. It's so well written and so well acted. And British audiences are just going to love seeing all the sights. I mean, how exciting to see a British drama set somewhere else!

    • Kathryn: (asked if she'd leave her UK sitcom to sign on for another season of Tripping Over) Well, I'd be more interested in doing this, definitely. It's a new character and a new journey. And I thoroughly enjoy it. It's such a lovely cast and crew. It's really rare to get that in a job.

    • Kathryn: (on enjoying Melbourne during the filming of Tripping Over) It's been great. I've been sending all these emails to my friends saying, 'Melbourne is so cool! You can get the coolest clothes I've ever seen!' And they were saying, 'My God, you're actually changing my view of Australia'. And all I do is eat. It's evil, those cake shops in St Kilda!

    • Kathryn: (on getting a role in Tripping Over) I'd always said to my friends, 'I wouldn't like to do the backpacking thing now I'm in my mid-20s. I'd like to get a job that would take me to certain places, like Thailand…' And then it happened! Then I had the fabulousness of flying to Australia in business class, as well. It was so much fun. People were offering me glasses of champagne and I was like, 'Wow! What a job - this is fabulous!'

    • Kathryn: (if she were to write a musical about a famous person's life, who would it be?) Stevie Wonder - he's a genius. Plus the musical numbers would be fab. Or Mozart for the same reasons.

    • Kathryn: (on her phobias) Weird patterns that have insect-like features freak me out. In Spiderman when the web pierces through the tips of Tobey Maguire's finger…that I could not handle. Jude Law's face at the end of Road To Perdition nearly had me hyperventilating.

    • Kathryn: (to an interviewer) My parents live in Wigan and from time to time, when I go up to visit them, I go to the Brocket pub. Next time you see me buy me a drink you cheapskate!

    • Kathryn: (on her recurring dreams) I have two: one of which takes place in a Nazi-occupied town. I am Jewish and frantically trying to find a place to hide as I hear soldiers approaching my room. The second takes place either in a parallel universe or our future. I'm always on holiday there or moving house.

    • Kathryn: (describing herself as a lonely hearts advert...) Small, dark, feisty girl seeks patient man.

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