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  • beautiful. kind. smart. funny. talented.

    beautiful. kind. smart. funny. talented. Those are five words that are not often used to describe on ONE actress in Hollywood; but they are the words I use to describe Kathryn Erbe. She has a powerful effect on people when she acts, like a charm. She potrays her character in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Detective Alex Eames, perfectly each episode. Her acting techinques seem different, but in the good way. She is a lovely actress whom I have loved to watch on TV for a long time! I think she should be given much more credit and she should be receiving bigger roles! But for now, I guess we'll all just call her Det. Eames! :)
  • Kathryn Erbe:The Most Underrated Actress

    I love Kathryn and her portrayal of Detective Alexandra Eames she is such an underrated actress.She is beautiful and talented and has been in the industry for so long.They were crazy to do what they did to her and Vincent and I am very saddened by that.This is one of my favorite shows or was.I look forward to seeing Kathryn and her future projects.The humor she brought to Criminal Intent was one of my favorite parts of the show.The last scene between her and Vincent was hard to watch.I was crying because I knew one of the greatest partnerships was coming to an end.
  • Her best place is Law & Order: Criminal Intent!

    When I saw her first episodes of LOCI I was shocked-appalled especially how she and D'Onofrio (Goren) got along as co-stars. I really enjoyed Erbe on LOCI from season 5 until the season 9 finale. I swear of all the female actors/characters in the Law & Order Universe I think Erbe's Alexandra Eames is the best (other than Mariska Hargitay's Olivia Benson)!

    Erbe really shines in her role as Alex Eames in CI. It's a shame she was fired or left the show. She and D'Onofrio had the best chemistry going. I wish she would go back to the show! Her and Vincent D'Onofrio! They will ALWAYS be "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"!
  • Great actress.

    Great in all she does. Loved her in "Stir of Echos".