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  • wind at my back

    the best- loved kathryn as grace perfect for that role she did an amazing job, very wonderful and talented actress - we need to see more of her - i'm a big fan of her
  • Sexy without being slutty, beautiful, genuinely funny and just an all-around really good sport.

    I love the original British version of Whose Line is it Anyway, as well as the Drew Carey version. But my all-time favorite episodes of the whole show, regardless of continent it's filmed on, is when Kathy Greenwood is on.

    Kathy's a unique animal. She's proven time and again she can be just as open and unbridled as the rest of the Whose Line cast, and rarely does she fail to fully throw herself into the bits. Even when she's getting mauled by the otherwise all male cast, she comes across as if she just appreciates the joke, doesn't take any of it personnally and is really having a good time doing the show.

    One thing that has always really struck me about Kathy. So many female commediannes try so very hard to be cutting edge that they come across raunchy and even slutty. Yeah, it's a double standard, guys can be as rude as they want to be but a woman trying to be just as rude is a slut. But Kathy's not. Somehow she walks the very fine line between full participation in the often risque fun of Whose Line and yet still managing to hold on to her own sense of personal dignity through it all. She's sexy without being slutty.

    The shame is that outside of Whose Line, the woman barely seems to exist. Her bio pages show a handful of other projects, I can only assume their mostly CBC projects that haven't ever trickled down to the U.S. And there doesn't seem to be anything available anywhere on her personal life.

    Shame this lady is managing to fly under the radar like she has. She's a real talent, and somebody needs to offer her a prominent role in a major sit-com. There's a star waiting to shine there.
  • Beautiful, funny and under-rated

    My favorite episodes of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" are any episode with Kathy Greenwood. Sexy, funny and a bit raunchy when given a chance, she was never allowed to do much because Colin, Ryan and Wayne always seemed to crowd her out or push her to the back, but she was always such a good sport and always up there trying to take what they give her. In one episode, Colin was groping her on air but she got the joke and in another she turned on Drew and everyone else by imitating a shower. In my favorite "Whose Line" moment, the game was "Questions Only," the scene was a visiit to a spooky castle and Kathy was coming off very Vampira and sexy. She was so hot doing that that a whole movie should be done with the cast doing those roles once more if but to strecth that storyline to its evitable conclusion. Despite under-appreciated in the series, she did look as if she was having a lot of fun even as Ryan and Colin upstaged her.