Kathryn Hahn





7/23/1974 , Westchester, Illinois, USA

Birth Name




Although Kathryn Hahn was born in Illinois, she grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where her family still resides. As a child Kathryn was already embracing her acting talent when she was cast in a children’s show. Television would be her first acting credit, but she longed for the stage. Following her high school education Kathryn would appear in many local theatrical productions.

Kathryn was accepted into Chicago’s Northwestern University, where she would graduate with Bachelor of Science Degree in theatre. It was at this point Kathryn decided to move to New York to expand her theatrical resume. While there Kathryn decided to apply for admission to the elite Yale School of Drama, where she was accepted to work on her post graduate degree.

It was during a production in Williamstown that Kathryn was spotted by an NBC casting executive.