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  • stay golden

    worth more than her weight in gold, in all her rolls. shes a vital in setting the LAW & STANDARDS for all redheaded women!

  • Katherine Hahn is my personal favorite.

    This young lady can act! She demonstrates a level of sensitivity in her role on Crossing Jordan in a way that is sometimes shocking, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes tender, and mostly real. Coming across as a shy, covertly sensual, sensitive, and demure character, Katherine Hahn adds a flavor to the series that would not exist without her portrayal as Lily Lebowski. She offers a dimension that can only be described as an insecure, emotionally clumsy, grief-stricken grief counselor whose own experience taints her altruistic world view. Yet, at the same time she remaining highly effective. Personally, I think she one of the most the talented (and often overlooked) actress of Crossing Jordan.
  • This woman is such a fine actress, words could hardly define her talent.

    The scenes she plays in "Crossing Jordan" should be a springboard to national fame. I hope to see more of her in upcoming things. In addition to her talent, she is simply beautiful. I'd rather see her on "E" or "Entertainment Tonight" over any other lady...yes EVERY lady! She more personality and charm than all of them put together.