Kathryn Long

Kathryn Long


7/12/1982, Toronto, Canada

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Kathryn Long


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    • In "The Haunted Mask" from Goosebumps, the producers said they would use a rubber worm for the scene where Carly Beth eats a worm, but Katheryn Long insisted on using a real worm to make it more realistic.

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  • A canadian actress that dissappeared

    Definitely not much on her anywhere. She did mostly tv in the 90's as a child actor, found fame during the Goosebumps craze as she was the star of the pilot. yeah Kathryn Short was her co-star. Rumour has it that she left showbiz and became a ballerina according to imdb. GOod for her she should follow her dreamz. If she ever came back to the screen she would be a star fo' sure, Nuff said. have to look out for her i guess if she ever decided to, she would look much older tho probably in her twenties now.moreless
  • This will be the first review for Kathryn Long ever written!

    Kathryn Long...Or is it Kathryn Short? Well, I think they are two different people. Kathryn Long played Carly Beth on Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask and Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask II. Kathryn Short played as Sabrina, her best friend. Unfortunately, she has not had the Spotlight of Fame shine down on her. But maybe someday, she will. Not much else is known about her at this time. And that is why you cannot find very much information about her on the Internet. There are no photos of her. And you can only see what she looked like when she was very young. Nothing else to say.moreless