Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris


1/28/1969, Cincinnati, Ohio

Birth Name

Kathryn Morris



Also Known As

Kathy Morris
  • Kathryn Morris Detective Lilly Rush on C...
  • Kathryn Morris stars as Deective Lilly R...
  • Kathryn Morris stars as Deective Lilly R...
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From the time she was five years old, Kathryn Morris and her family, which included six sisters and brothers, were a part of a traveling gospel singing group called "Morris Code". When they finally put down roots, it was in the town of Windsor Locks, CT.



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    • Kathryn: I think it's very unhealthy to get into a funky head space about food because it can really screw up your system forever. Wouldn't it be better if you could really enjoy what you want to eat and then have some fun exercise?

    • Kathryn: I would love to have a role that's so hard, it's scary. Like Cate Blanchett playing Katharine Hepburn. How terrifying, exhilarating and terrifying. I'd love to have opportunities like that.

    • Kathryn: I love comedy. I would love to do more of it. There have actually been so many close calls on me doing some straight-out black comedy and I've almost done some pretty substantial roles. I think comedy is much harder. But I think that if you have a really strong base in drama, then comedy is much more believable. Doing the work you do in drama, when you do a comedy it makes the comedy so much richer and so much more believable. I love both.

    • Kathryn: (on the "Xena" episode "Crusader") I was scared about the fighting, because I am not a large person. She's [Lucy Lawless] taller than me and she's been doing it so long and she's an expert. I just decided that we've all seen somebody like the kid in school that everybody pushes around... the small kid, if you get him mad, he goes ballistic. I decided it was more of my character's internal rage that would compensate.

    • Kathryn: I feel so fortunate. It's incredible to have an audience so devoted and loyal. Cold Case is on all over the world. I get letters from girls and young women in Germany, Slovenia, Paris.

    • Kathryn: (on appearing on Xena") It just really seemed like a campy, fun thing to do. They treated me like royalty down there. The cast and the crew on that show is just amazing, in New Zealand. My little episode, or two episodes, because they brought me back because they liked the character, I always think that was my New Zealand time. Before The Lord of the Rings, where everybody knew how stunning it was; I'd like to think it was still a secret place.

    • Kathryn: (on men and women) Men really mean what they're saying. You can pretty much take it at face value. It's a yes or it's a no. Either you won or you lost. 'You're gonna sleep with me or you're not.' Women are all about the gray area. We love to roll around in the gray areas.

    • Kathryn: I read for a lot of silly roles... that are 'the girl,' but I just try to make her more human and more of a woman. A lot of times they [the writers] really appreciate that. They write this idea of a girl, and then you bring this woman in and they say, 'Oh, it's so much more interesting that way.'

    • Kathryn Morris: I wish they would realize that the 'better thing' is often right down the street. I worry about some men... they should just get over themselves.

    • Kathryn Morris: Don't fall in love with someone's potential. You need to love them for who they are today. Don't go in for 'remodeling.'

  • Not Enough Of You

    I enjoy Cold Case and wish it had never ended. I continue to watch previous episodes. But she needs to get her agent, because I don't see enough of her. She is a very good actress and very eye appealing.

    For what it's worth, I knew from the first time I watched her act, that she's an Aquarian.
  • Kathryn Morris is the star of CBS's Cold Case and she has a slew of movie credits starring along side the likes of Val Kilmer, Josh Harnett, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise, and Ben Affleck.moreless

    Kathryn's stunning beauty will make you stop changing the channel but it's her talent that will keep you watching. She is a powerful actress that is always on point. She is extremely underrated in this business. She does not fit some silly Hollywood mold. She is a real woman that is a wonderful role model to all young girls and woman. She has a passion for race car driving and charities. You can often find her driving in a race that benefits a charity. An underrated actress that deserves to have her talent awarded and her big heart for helping other people showcased.moreless