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  • Ms Bates a diamond in the industry

    from her passion as Harry Corn for justice, to her obsession in Misery, her unsinkability in Titanic and every role i've seen her in. She takes on the role and runs farther then anyone else could hope to catch up to. I wish her many many more years and roles that make us think, feel ,laugh, shiver in fear or simply smile in her showing US back at us. Ms Bates you are a shinning star, and greatly admired by this humble fan
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    Kathy Bates is one of the best actresses ever. I like her a lot in Titanic, her character was funny and I think that it was the only good, honest character of all the rich people, since she is the only one that says that they should go up for the drowning people. I also like her a lot in Misery, where she played Annie Wilkes, she is awesome in that movie. She knows how to act, I think she is awesome.