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  • yay kathy!

    kathy is one of the funniest people evveerr! i love how no matter what she says its funny, and if someone else said it, it would be horrible. i think matt sucks... i llooovveee lance and i know kathy hangs out with him. i honestly think she doesnt give herself enough credit. she always says shes ssoo d-list but i would lloovee to do ANY of those things. like i think shes SO famous and SO lucky to talk to all those people. and i lovvee her house! its soo pretty! when i get older i hope to meet kathy and lance.

  • Kathy is funni as hell

    Okay so Kathy is the Ultimate Celebrity Basher all she does is pretty much make fun of people who i hate and i love her for that. I always watch her show or act when its on i liked when she made fun of Sharon Osbornes Accent " oh my god i would've kicked him in the balls " say it with a britch accent for those who dont get it yet. So over all I love Kathy i thing she bright , funny , lights up a room is absolutly Faboulous and she is f***ing drop dead gorgeous and haters should step-off.
  • Kathy Griffin, stand up comedienne, sitcom, reality, and movie star.

    This is one funny woman!! She will tell it like it is, no matter who it is, including herself. She is from California, and started out with the comedic group "the Groundlings". She worked her way through the stand up circuit, creating a buzz, with her dead pan humor. Kathy goes on to appear as a regular on "suddenly Susan", with her former real life best friend, Brooke Shields. When that ended, Kathy had racked up a few movie roles, and a re-occuring guest role on Seinfeld. She played a nurse in the Eminem video for "slimShady". Kathy considers herself a d-list star, and through her love of reality shows, ended up on a few of her own. She appeared on the "celebrity Mole", and won. Her reality show titled"Kathy Griffin: my Life On The D List" reveals a very personal side of the comedienne. Her parents are introduced in this series, and are often shown visiting, and at her shows. Her husband sells her DVDs out front, after her shows. The people in her life love her, and help her in any capacity. She breaks down after her "Jay Leno" appearance, after he refers to her as "the ugly girl". Again, she is comforted by her loving husband. Kathy writes her topics for her stand up act, but not her jokes. She freestyles her entire act, just by topic, comic genius. Kathy is on the A-list in my book.
  • Kathy Griffin is frickin hilarious. I can't wait until Season 2 of her Life On The D List starts next week. I came across these clips on YouTube of her in the show. I was laughing so hard. She\'s awesome.

    Kathy Griffin is frickin hilarious. I can't wait until Season 2 of her Life On The D List starts next week. I came across these clips on YouTube of her in the show. I was laughing so hard. She's awesome. I also saw that Bravo was running this vote for Kathy Griffin to get off the D List. You can vote here Bravo TV. I personally think that Kathy Griffin is the best thing to happen to Bravo in a long time. Thank goodness she found a place that appreciates her antics. One of the funniest women in TV today.
  • Here is a woman who uses her mouth as a weapon, as she spits both grace and poison all over Hollywood, and you know what? Whoever she knocks.....has it coming!

    I really like this woman. I have always liked her since her scene-stealing co-starring role on "Suddenly Susan". I fell out of her news and updates once the show ended, but I often enjoyed her commercials that she frequented from time to time. Now, with her comedy/reality series about life on the D-List, she has proven to be even larger than life! (not that she ever wasn't) One such as myself tends to feel great when reading her coments, or hearing about who she ticks off on a constant basis! Whenever she roasted that little brat Dakota Fanning, I was cheering her on! I would love to be her assistant, or a close friend. No telling what kind of conversations one could have with her. I hope she gives more and more people good kicks to come!
    Kathy, I'm always watching for your next trump!
    Whip that tongue baby!
  • Kathy Griffin is a comedianne who considers herself on the D-list.

    If I ever become a comedianne, and I really did want to be one for a while there, Kathy Griffin seems to be the role model I would look up to.
    She doesn\'t seem worried that she\'s on the D-list, for one. Also she makes fun of celebrities. This is all I do with my day no matter if I\'m out at the mall or watching tv, I have a smart comment for just about everything that happens.
    I appreciate her readiness to head to Iraq and Afghanastan to entertain the troops, and she portrays that she is willing to meet everyone, not like some other celebrities who are only available for 10 minutes.
    Although I just realized that supposedly this season of her Bravo show she has been lying about her marriage, I try not to let her personal life affect my reception of her comedy.
  • Kathy Griffin is the funniest woman comedian I know!

    Kathy Griffin is so funny and so caring also. She would probably do anything to get some attention and for people to laugh with her or at her jokes. She has her own show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. That show is so funny and I loved how brave Kathy and her husband and her friend was by going over to Iraq. Kathy is also very family orrientated if you get what I mean. Kathy buys her parents trips to the most luxurious places and then they reject them because they were going somplace. I thought tha was funny but obviously they accepted them.
  • Awesome comedian!

    Seriously, Kathy Griffin is a comic genius! I love her stand-up and My Life on the D-List. She tells things as they are, which most people are too afraid to do. I really admire her for that. Plus, she makes it funny. Kathy is brilliant in her representations of Hollywood.

    I also love that Kathy doesn't seem to get too big for her britches. She displays her opinions opening and honestly and hystarically, but doesn't expect everyone to agree with her.

    Also, you have to admire that she is willing to fight back when Barbara Walters says something condesending to her. That was great. Everyone else would crumble, but she just shrugs it off and makes jokes out of it. Best. Comedian. Ever. Period.
  • Kathy Griffin is sarcastic, bi**hy, blunt and honest, and it is for this reason that people adore her, but celebrities do not.

    Kathy Griffin is an amazingly talented comedienne. Her humour is of an acquired taste mixing a no holds barred usage of profanity with the celebrity gossip and backstage rumours we have come to love her for.

    She has countless specials and her own double Emmy winning TV show, my life on the D-list, which shows both the glamorous life of Kathy Griffin with some hard hitting truths like her public divorce and passing of her father.

    Kathy is the ultimate f*g hag, she attracts gays like no one else and she too actively seeks and prefers the gay audiences as they get her and allow her humour to flourish.

    Her humour is sarcastic, bi**hy, blunt and honest however it has got her into trouble many a time, and she is the first to admit it.

    If you love Joan Rivers, you are sure to love Kathy Griffin.
  • Kathy Griffin is my favorite comedian. She is a very very funny person.

    Kathy Griffin is my favorite comedian. She is a very very funny person. Kathy is very very pretty. She has a very nice house. Every show she played on she was very funny. When she played on The Mole, Kathy's So-Called Reality and Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-List.
  • One of the best

    In her new stand up special, "Kathy Griffin is...not Nicole Kidman," Griffin cements her status as one of the funniest comedians in the game today. She pulls no punches, everyone from Ryan Seacrest to Oprah goes down. She says what everyone else thinks, but doesn't have the guts to actually say out loud. She's deserving of her own show, and at last she has gotten it. "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" is just as funny as her stand up specials, offering an insight into the life of the comedienne. On the latest episode, Griffin discusses how she has been banned from talk shows for her act being too mean, and trust me, it is Regis and Kelly's loss.
  • Love her.

    Funny. She is nuts (in a good way).
  • She is awesome!

    Kathy Grffin is great because she is not afraid to speak her mind. She's really raw and out there. I definitely like it when she starts to talk smack about different celebrities! The one about Gweneth Paltrow was HILARIOUS!
    You should definitely watch this one!

    I think my favorite episode was when she was talking about Tyra Banks and saying all this crazy stuff! Although she is a little inappropriate sometimes for little kids I have to admit, but it just depends on ow mature you are I guess.
  • brainless

    sick and revolting. she should be fired immediately by CNN.
  • Does she think she's all that and a bag of potato chips?

    Does she think she's all that and a bag of potato chips?
    I really think she is full of herself, and an example would be the acceptance speech she gave the when she won an Emmy award for her program, "My Life on the D-List"
    She said, "A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus." And then she puts her arms up and says "This award is my God now!" Wow, it's one thing to not believe, but to outright slap the diety of millions of people on earth is just downright insulting. I have yet to hear someone do to other religious leaders. Imagine is she used the word "Allah" or "Muhammad", she would have rightfully gotten flack from the media and others, as what happened to the artists that drew Muhammad in some newspaper comic strip.
    I'm so disappointed when actors slam religious leaders.