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  • Kathy Griffin is sarcastic, bi**hy, blunt and honest, and it is for this reason that people adore her, but celebrities do not.

    Kathy Griffin is an amazingly talented comedienne. Her humour is of an acquired taste mixing a no holds barred usage of profanity with the celebrity gossip and backstage rumours we have come to love her for.

    She has countless specials and her own double Emmy winning TV show, my life on the D-list, which shows both the glamorous life of Kathy Griffin with some hard hitting truths like her public divorce and passing of her father.

    Kathy is the ultimate f*g hag, she attracts gays like no one else and she too actively seeks and prefers the gay audiences as they get her and allow her humour to flourish.

    Her humour is sarcastic, bi**hy, blunt and honest however it has got her into trouble many a time, and she is the first to admit it.

    If you love Joan Rivers, you are sure to love Kathy Griffin.