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    • Kathy: (talking about her experience on Hollywood Squares) So then we go to lunch and Anna Nicole smith is there and I say 'Anna, hi, I'm Kathy Griffin, come sit next to me!' So she comes over and I say again 'Hi, my name is Kathy Griffin, it's nice to meet you.' And she is so out of it...allegedly. But seriously, in my opinion, she's f***** up. And she looks up at me and she says 'hay.' So then her assistant brings over a plate of food and she puts her dog Sugar Pie on the table. She's eating and she makes this face. (Makes a grimacing baby face.) And she says 'I don' lahk it.' And I say 'Oh, that's polenta.' And she's like "I thought it was mashed potaters.' She said potat-ERS, I heard it with my own ears. So I'm like 'No, it's polenta, it's like a mashed corn meal.' And she says 'I don' lahk it.' And then all of a sudden Chaka Kahn walks by. And I guess she recognizes Anna, so she wants to be gracious, so she walks over and, very dignified, she says, "Hello Anna, my name is Chaka Kahn, it's very nice to meet you. I love your show.' And Anna barely lifts her head and she says, 'Hay.' And the thought bubble above Chaka Kahn's head would have been 'Oh I KNOW SHE DIDN'T' and I'm like 'Oh, I know, she did it to me too.' And then Chaka goes away and Little Richard comes over, and he does this very regal princely bow and the table and he's like 'Hello Anna Nicole, my gorgeous darling.' And Anna looks up and goes 'Hay." And then Little Richard sees Sugar Pie and says 'Are you that dog?'