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  • Use to be a pretty good actress.

    Why did you have to marry Tom? Wish her nothing but the best.
  • You've fallen and you can't get up, Mrs. Tom Cruise. You're ruined.

    I'm sorry, but anyone who would marry someone as schizo as Tom Cruise after dating him for only a couple of months doesn't have any sense. Katie, you've gone from All-American girl to All-American freak in three months, and it's sad. Really sad. Just becuase he's Tom Cruise. You deserve better, but I guess money talks and everything else walks.
  • The girl nextdoor!

    She's always been very inspiring to me, since her days on Dawson's creek. I loved the delivery of all her witty lines throughout the series; I hope she does something similar sometime in the future instead of sitting around as Mrs. Cruise. She'll always be the girl across the creek to me regardless of how she is now. She really needs to leave Tom and ASAP, I know she probably couldn't turn down the fame and fortune of being Cruise's wife but is it really worth the loss of respect her fans have been giving her... She could make it on her own merit.
  • Little Joey Potter

    Little Joey Potter, and it's most definnetly because of her talented life to that character I'll rate her that high. Mr. Cruise ruined what could have been a great career, but that's just the way it goes sometime.

    She gave life to Joey in a way many young actors and actresses can't do, and always kept that strange smile charming everybody. Both with bodylanguage, speak and eyes expressed the emotions required and was one of the main reasons Dawson's Creek managed to touch the way it did.

    Now we can only think about what could have been, and she sure could have been a big star...
  • Little Joey Potter.

    Over her years on Dawson's Creek I thought that Katie Holmes was just the cutest little in her role as Joey Potter, I can't say I feel exactly the same way as of now but things are very different with her these days. I won't say she was a beacon of great acting skills but I thought she played the character to the point, it felt very believeable at every turn which sometimes young actors fail at accomplishing. And I always felt she connected well with the camera and her cast mates, like quite a few of the other cast members on Dawson's Creek.
  • This hotty from Dawson's Creek has went way down hill since getting with Tom Cruise.

    This hotty from Dawson's Creek has went way down hill since getting with Tom Cruise. Tom could be her father and frankly that destroys the hotty factor. She had potential and now is just Tom's Scientologist-Sidekick.

    I am actually suprised she was allowed to work on her newest film, and she gets way too much press time. As an actress she has only had one long term role and she did it well, but no better than hundreds of other actresses.

    This is only one person's opinion, but we really need to stop giving credit where credit is obviously not due.
  • Katie Holmes is a great actress and pulls off the girl next door really well. She is well grounded and a mature human being. Quite the role model never mixing with the wrong crowd. Trying to make a name for herself. She is married to Hollywood royalty.

    Katie born on 18 Dec 1978 to Kathleen and Martin Holmes. She is the youngest of 5 children. she has 3 older sister's and 1 older brother named also Martin.
    She auditioned for Buffy Summers from Buffy the vampire Slayer was too young so got the part of Joey from Dawson's Creek. She has grown as an actress and wanted to make a name for herself in movies so every chance she got made films that wee ok. Katie is married to Tom Cruise and has a daughter Suri. She is currently finished a film called Mad Money with Queen Latifah a comedy. This is the first time we get to see Katie in a comedy.
    Her future is looking quite good. She has the luxury to make any films she pleases and has Tom Cruise to guide her.
    With time Katie will blossom as a really good actress.
  • empty

    I became a fan of Katie Holmes when she starred in "Dawson's Creek" as, Joey Potter, the girl next door who captured the hearts and minds of not only Dawson Leery, but also of many a young adult. Her work in films in something to be desired. None of her roles really stand out.
  • Outstanding choices early in her career.

    Most of us first saw Katie Holmes playing the cute tomboy Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek. What strikes me about her is that she made some very good decisions early in her career. After the early success of Dawson's Creek, she starred in 2 typical high school films; Disturbing Behavior and Teaching Mrs. Tingle. These scripts were average at best, and Katie's performance was adequate. Instead of continuing down this road of mediocre films, Katie instead chose 3 slightly off-beat films. Go, Wonder Boys, and The Gift were all well written films with outstanding casts. Katie was excellent in all 3 of these films, holding her own on screen with the likes of Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr., Sarah Polley, and Timothy Olyphant. She has a strong presence on the big screen, and she always looks stunning. Her risky move in The Gift (outside by the truck) should also be commended as they did not appear to be gratuitous sex scenes. Her career has been very good, but I believe it could have been better had she continued to choose her roles wisely. I think she is a talented, beautiful actress. I've seen everything she has done, with the exception of First Daughter (even as a fan of her, I didn't think I could suffer through this film). Fast forward to today, I have no idea what is in store for her. I hope she is happy and I would like to see her on film and especially on television again.
  • oscar worthy young burnette actress

    shes really good in everything i see her in.

    that indpednet film peices of april

    to tell you the truth i thought that was an oscar wotrthy performace

    she didreally good in the new batman

    i cant wate to see ehr in the next one

    i bleieve there callign it the dark knight form what i read on imdb.com im sure she wanting on an oscar

    still a little naive but i trust she\'ll get one eventually

    i didnt know waht was up with michelle williams getting nominated for brokeback mountian

    even though i ahvent seen it cause gay coyboys dont really interest me

    im sure someone like holes could ahve done much better
  • Katie Holmes(Joey-Dawson's Creek) is a very talented actress.

    She was great in her protrayal of Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek and because of that show she became well known. No other actress would have been suited for the role of Joey. I think that she could have picked someone better than Tom Cruise to be with, but at least she has baby Suri. I have seen the pictures of baby Suri, she is so cute. I think she will take after her mommy.

    Katie and Tom are to be married next month in Italy.
  • katie holmes has been attacked for one and only one reason :tom cruise.for me tht is really unfair.i have watched all her work and i really likeher.she just need time to grow and she could be better.why don´t give her a chance?

    every day i read things so stupid about her that anybody with a little of mind should know that they are just fabricated senseless things.please don´t believe every single thing just because is written.that apply with many other celebrities .we don´t really know these people.i don´t really know to katie holmes and that is the reason i decided not judge her.tabloids and blogs make me mad because i refused to believe that people can just be mean because is more easy .it is frustrating ,they really get fun talking about people they don´t know and making lies .
    sorry i guest i just needed clean my sytem.
  • Katie Holmes is really stupid is is not too good of an actress to me.

    Katie Holmes is really stupid is is not too good of an actress to me. I mean, Katie Holmes. The only good thing I can say is that I like the name she picked out for her baby. She loved an idiot. Tom Cruise sucks. He is rude, obnoxious, and stupid. Katie Holmes is too for liking him! She is not a very good actress either! I mean, she is not funny, nice, smart, a good actress, I don't even think she is pretty. She is just so overreate and overused and I think she should cancel her stardom career.
  • Isn't that bad.

    Katie Holmes shouldn't be attacked. She's just as good as any other actor. I watched Batman Begins and did not realize that it was her. That was just as good as anything else that I would expect from Hollywood. She's probably only being attacked for being Tom Cruise's wife. I do not have a problem with Scientology. I will only have a problem if they try to recruit me. Katie Holmes is okay. She at least did something. She had a decent amount if roles. You can't expect that from celebrities now. Katie Holmes is just an ordinary celebrity. Okay.
  • Katie Holmes; not brilliant but not terrible.

    Personally, whenever somebody asks me "whos your favorite Actress(es)?" I don't include Katie Holmes. I don't find her performances very well done, and most of the time, I find her movies to be 'okay'. In the movie "First Daughter" i found it very boring. Katie Holmes made her performance boring, poor, and she didn't put much effort into her performance! Thats how i find her in a lot of the movie that she's in. The other night, i was started watching Batman Begins and then, oh, theres Katie Holmes. I never did think that her performance was well done. Not much on her, but that is my insight, not great, but not terrible. I've seen worse.
  • Actress on Dawson's Creek. She played Joey Potter.

    I love Katie Holmes in \"Dawson\'s Creek\" and \"First Daughter\" and I hope that she has much success...that whole Tom Cruise thing will blow over one day....Who knows if they will get married or not? I sure don\'t! I guess that whenever I see her, I\'ll think to myself, \"Hey!! That\'s Joey Potter!\" lol She\'s beautiful, talented and from the way that Tom has been acting, she\'s probably a good catch. Has anyone seen pictures of Suri?? LMAO!!
  • Katie Homes??? Who??? I you mean the talentless actress that is going with a well known Actor!

    WHAT! Does she understand whaty acting is! I first saw her on Dawson's Creek... All the other actors over te eyear developed a strong character, and their acting improved... if possible i think hers got WORSE!

    I have acted & i no its not easy but come on!

    Now a days the only reason people are drawn to her is becuase she had a baby with TOM!!!

    Does she real act? Does she jsut say her lines and try to make people understand... Acting is BEING the character! Not just learning the characters lines! you have to BE the character... Katie Homes is NOT that!
  • She could have been...

    Katie has so much talent and she was doing so well for herself, ie. going from Dawson\'s Creek to great movies including Batman Begins! Then what happened? She drops everything to become a stay-at-home mum for Tom Cruise\'s baby? As If You Would!!! Sure Tom has money, but he has some psycho religion, an awesome ex-wife that he was psycho to let go of and a whole lot of people in the world who disagree with everything that he believes in. What is scientology anyways? Katie could have been so big and had such a better life, now she has a baby to think of and an impending marriage that will be the biggest mistake of her life!
  • nevermind I don't want to be censored again.

    I was trying to help you and your system wouldn't let me so I said what I though, I think it's called freedom of speech. I'm not trying to antagonize, or I didn't mean to hurt anyones feelings. I wasn't allowed to change it, and it wouldn't let me tell you the incorrect information to tell so I wrote it on here instead. I was really only trying to help. I don't want the points back, it's not a big deal. I didn't think people were censored on here. I hope I'm right. Thank you very much for your time, and this will probably be the last you hear about this from me.
  • Oh my God! If you want me to watch anything with Katie Holmes, u better give me a wake-up pill...or something even stronger!!!

    I think I never rated someone that low...But thats all she deserved!!! I used to have respect for her...

    Back then, when she was playing in Dawson\\\'s creek, she was that cute Katie Holmes with all the possibilities at her hands. She had all it takes to become that huge hollywood star every one wanna be. Instead of using her talent, she took the short way to get on top. Papparazzi!!!
    Yeah! That was the biggest mistake of her life. When she hooked up wiht Tom Cruise, she became one of those media preys. The only reason she\\\'s in the spotlight it\\\'s because she married Tom Cruise and carried their first child! She could\\\'ve shown the entire world her talent but she decided to expose her life instead. What a mess she\\\'d became!!
  • I love her work. She doesn't try to over act or nothing, it just comes naturl for her. She is such a beautiful girl and she seems to be so sweet.

    Great actress. She is a wonderful actress and seems like a sweet girl. She is very beautiful without a doubt. I love her work and she is a very good actress who doesn't try to over act or tries to bring something else to the character, she just tries to do with the director asks her to do. She is a family person and her and Tom Cruise seem to be very happy and i'm happy for them. She tries to do some big feature films and then she also does the festival movies which shows that she just wants to work no matter what studio does.
  • She could have been great, but Crazy Tom Cruise has ruined it.

    Throughout her relationship with Tom, has anyone else noticed we've heard less and less from Katie???? Not to say that there is anything horribly wrong going on, but is she choosing not to speak, or is Mr. Crazyman not letting her talk? I would honestly like to catch her alone and ask her what in the world is going on. Try to rescue her from whatever she has gotten herself into. I used to like Tom Cruise, but now i can't stand him. He turns everything into publicity for his religion....Katie...this message is for you....Take the kid and run, get yourself out!
  • i love katie holmes she is so awsome shes a very good actress a she is so pretty,beautful she was born with perfect skin hair eyes if i were a guy i would try to date her or somebody just like her she was perfect for dawson creek

    i think katie holmes is so hot,smart sexy,beautiful she was born with perfect hair and skin i would love to have she is a very talented actress i think she should be featured in a lot more movies i hope her and tom have a forever lasting marriage and they have lots of beautiful children and i hope she has a lot of leading rules in the near future katie holmes aka (joey)was perfect for the role the role suited her very well i also liked her in the movie she featured in about the teachers who were taken over by aliens i cant remember the name of the movie
  • She could'a been, would'a been, should'a been a bigger star, but since she's had her poster boy's baby, Tom has derailed those hopes.

    It seems that everyone fell in love with the sweet, innocent, doe-faced girl from Dawson's Creek. Now that she's been under Tom's rule, Katie, er, sorry, "Kate", is now up the creek and down the river. In my opinion, career wise and mentally and emotionally too. Who's going to want to see any more of her work in films and t.v. now? It would be just too painful to watch. Painful because is she now making her career choices because Tom is forcing her to take certain ones? Did she choose this job herself? Would he allow that to happen without putting it through him first? How much of Katie is left? I've seen the recent pics of her. She looks like an empty host and Tom is the parasite as he pulls her around by the hand like luggage. Of course, she can always decide not to marry him, and if she does, she can always get a divorce. That's the way Hollywood does it. No shocker there. I know Katie used to fantasize about marrying Tom Cruise as a young teenager as she drooled over his poster on her wall, but how did she get taken in so fast? It seemed like they met, shook hands and then she was pregnant soon after. Maybe Katie isn't so innocent? Maybe she actually loves dancing as Tom orchestrates? One thing is for sure, Katie is a dancing fool who's made a big mistake.
  • Katie Holmes Rules!!

    I think she is the greatest and I try to watch anything she's in, whether it's on TV or in a movie or whatever. I especially like the early work she did, but I like the newer stuff, too, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
  • Katie.....what can I saw, she is very attractive....

    Katie.....what can I say, she is very attractive....I used to really like her in all her shows that she has done but ever since hooking up with Tom Cruise and getting pregnant etc I haven't liked her....what was she thinking, he is such a dim wit, could have gotten someone so much better...seriously, bad move!
  • What can you say? The picture says it all...

    Katie Holmes has to be one of the all time hottest girls the world has ever seen. Cute, sexy or any flattering adjective you can think of applies to this marvel of a woman.

    My Rating:
    Body: 9.6
    Breasts: 9.5
    Face: 9.8
    Eyes: 9.7
    Talent: 9.2
    Quality of Work: 7.2

    She is an extremely fine actress who, if it weren\'t for Tom Cruise, would be a big star right now. Leave that jerk, please!!!
  • So annoying.

    Katie is overused and overrated. She isn't even that good of an actress. Hopefully, people will get tired of hearing about this whole Katie/Tom thing, and get sick of her. I know I have. I've also seen her in interviews and she is extremely immature. She acts like a 12-year-old.
  • ....

    she is talented. i think that the problem people have with her at the moment is not the whole, "well he's 16 years older than you" or scientology but the fact that she has changed so quickly. shes pregnant with his child, shes abandoned movie roles, shes hired his people and shes also abandoned a religion she was raised into. she seems to have been brainwashed. i dont know her, its true but this is what i see. she evn looks like tom cruise now with that weird plastic grin if you know what i mean. anyway, she has talent, and potential and this is all a shame.
  • I certainly don't agree with the whole scientology thing, but thats not my place, so if her and tom really love each other than they should be together. Maybe we will see her son/daughter on the big screen somdeay.

    I think she is a great actress. I think her and Tom should be in a movie together. I never really liked Tom cruise but they are an ok couple. I hope the baby will be healthy and will grow up to be a great actor/actress someday. I hope they don't get a divorce like all the other actors in hollywood, it really hurts the kids.
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