Katie LeClerc

Katie LeClerc


11/6/1986, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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    • Katie: (On people's reaction to her normal speaking voice) My favorite part is to go on twitter the next day and people were like "WHAT?!". Like people don't realize that this it's not my real voice, so it's kinda fun to go on and see people's reaction.

    • Katie: (on landing the rule of Daphne on Switched at Birth) I gave it all up, I said LA is the WORST, and then I went back to Texas and went 'oh that's so much worst'. I came back to LA and actually, my fiance was my agent at the time, the rule for Daphne came up... and the rest is history, I guess.

    • Katie: (on choosing a wedding cake) It's weird, but when you don't have a schedule where you have a life outside of work, you don't get to do things like cake tasting. And I got to look at pictures and go 'oh that one's so pretty, I like that one'.