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  • Love Katie on Adventures in Odyssey as connie.

    Katie Leigh is currently starring on the audio series Adventures in Odyssey. She is very talented and does a really good job.With her high-pitched voice, and pretty good humor,she is a fan favorite on the series.To do something fun, i am searching all the Adventures in Odyssey Characters and i have found it very interesting that these people were and are on many shows. Like Hal Smith{1988-1994 on Adventures in Odyssey} played Otis on the Andy Griffith Show and many other things.Walker Edmiston and Dave Madden have been on many things as well, you should check em out.
    -Taylor 13
  • First Alex from 'Totally Spies'...

    Katie Leigh was the first voice of Alex, a crazy and goofy girl, form 'Totally Spies'. Although I dind't aprove very much the new voice actress, I got used to it. Too bad that Katie left the show, although this new Alex isn't bad either (I got used ot her voice).
  • Katie was a major character in one of my favorite series.

    Katie Leigh is a talented voice actress. She played the character Honker Muddlefoot in one of my favorite series, Darkwing Duck. I can also remember her role as Sunni Gummi in the series Gummi Bears. I have really enjoyed how she has added spark to the characters she has given her voice to. She has a great sense of humor and it shows in her acting ability. I hope her work on the radio series Odyssey of Adventure continues. I can also remember her role as Baby Rowlf in Jim Henson's Muppet Babies. Now her children are starting to pick up on the trade.