Katie Melua

Katie Melua


9/16/1984, Georgia, USSR

Birth Name

Ketevan Melua


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Ketevan "Katie" Melua was born September 16, 1984 in then Soviet Union - Kutaisi, Georgia. Due to war torn environments, Katie and her family moved around for the ealier part of her life which eventually lead her to signing a recording deal with the Dramtico recording ladel. Katie…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Katie has won and been nominated for a total of 7 awards.

      Won: 2006 Edison Award for "Best female artist International", 2007 World Soundtrack Award for "Best original song written for film", 2006 Brit Award for "Best British Female Solo Artist" and 2006 Brit Award for "Best Pop Act".

      Nominated: 2007 Goldene Kamera Award for "Best female international solo act", 2007 Echo Award for "International Pop/Rock Female Artist of the" and 2005 Echo Award for "Best International newcomer".

    • Katie was inducted into the Guinness World Records for "The deepest underwater concert" when she performed at the bottom of one of the four shafts of the Statoil Troll-A Platform gas rig at the bottom of the North Sea.

    • Katie was named Britain's highest grossing female recording artist in 2006.

    • Katie made her acting debut in the Grindhouse double feature Planet Terror in 2007.

    • Katie speaks three languages; English, German and Russian.

    • Both of Katie's parents are in the medical profession. Her father is a heart specialist and her mother is a practicing nurse in the same hospital.

    • Dutch tulip breeder AGRASS, has decided to name their latest tulip after Katie. The "Katie Melua" Tulip has been in development for more than 15 years and it will be available within two years.

    • Katie attended St. Mary's Convent in Portstewart, Northern Ireland from the age of 9 to 13.

    • Katie was a member of 2004's collaborative group Band Aid, which donates its proceeds to support various world wide charities.

    • Katie was classmates with Amy Winehouse (a fellow jazz inspired musician) at the BRIT Performing Arts & Technology School in Croydon-Surrey, England.

    • Katie is 5'2" (157 cm).

    • Sept 2005: Rather bizarrely Katie's song 'Nine Million Bicycles' came under rather over-the-top scrutiny from British Author Simon Singh (who has a docterate in physics) who insisted that Katie has 'no right' to suggest, in the song, that it's guesswork that we are '12 billion light years from the edge' of the universe when a more accurate figure is 13.7 billion light years and scientists can accurately prove it.

  • Quotes

    • Katie Melua: Dancing is an important function of music, but so is crying.

    • Katie Melua: I try not to raise my voice, except when I'm in Spain, I found our levels of chilled out-ness clashed a bit. Generally I'm OK. I do speak two other languages and I know that wherever you are, you've just got to try and communicate, however you can. There's no point in shouting though.

    • Katie Melua: If you're asking me flat out what turns me on, [laughter] I'd have to say my boyfriend.

    • Katie Melua: My favourite place on earth is Georgia, by the Black Sea. I love it because I love being by the sea, and because it's my home country, so I try to get back as often as I can.

    • Katie Melua: Meeting Paul Simon was up there among the best moments of my life. I was playing at the Montreal Jazz Festival and Paul Simon was also playing, I've been a fan for so many years and think he's probably one of the greatest songwriters of all time and not only did I get to see him in the concert, I got to meet him and chat with him afterwards!

    • Katie Melua: I once saw a brilliant guy playing a wicked guitar, old rock and roll style and wanted to join him because he was amazing but I resisted - I chickened out!

    • Katie Melua: For many, Christmas is a time of fun and celebration, but at this time of year there are vulnerable and isolated people up and down the country in need of help. I'm glad that 'What a Wonderful World' will be raising funds for the British Red Cross to help people in crisis.

    • Katie Melua: I love walking out on stage and connecting with my band and the audience; there's nothing like it!

    • Katie Melua: I honestly think I could bring peace to the world... if I ruled it!