Katie Stuart (I)





3/22/1985 , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Katherine Anne Stuart




Born on 22nd March 1985 in Vancouver in Canada, Katie Anne Stuart's career started when she started attending a Vancouver Youth theatre for fun while she was in the third grade. She got landed with an agent and then began training at Tarlington Training also in Vancouver. As she was training there, she started to get work and continued training at the same time. It then became obvious that the training was no longer necessary, and she went into full time work.

Her first professional role was in a promotion video for 'Orca Bay Sports'. Her first real TV appearance was in the TV series 'Poltergeist: The Legacy'. She also got a role in the film 'Color Me Perfect', and 'Masterminds'. She rounded of 1996 with a strongly emotional role in the TV miniseries 'Intensity'.

Her career really took off in 1997, where she starred in 'The Sentinel', 'Survival on the Mountain', and had a major role in 'Summer of the Monkeys'. She then got a role, with the potential for a more regular appearance in the popular science fiction series Stargate SG1 as the only surviving member of her race.

Katie then got a fixed role in 'The Crow: Stairway to Heaven' and she also starred in the BBC miniseries television adaptation of 'The Magician's House' Next were 'Too Young To Be A Dad', a huge miniseries for Miramax for ABC called 'A Wrinkle in Time', the sequel to the X-Men film 'X2' and had guest roles in 'Mysterious Ways' and the 2nd season of the series 'Dead Like Me'.