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  • Katie Stuart is an up-and-coming actress, who put on an impressive performance as little lost Cassandra in Stargate SG-1 back in 1997.

    Katie Stuart had a guest role in Stargate SG-1 back in 1997 as little lost Cassandra, a 12-year-old girl who was the sole survivor on her planet when an alien god wiped out the entire population, exept Cassandra. Katie's performance was very moving, and impressive for a 12-year old. Not only is Katie an absolute gorgeous kid, she's also extremely talented. The role required Katie to be silent for most of the episode, as Cassandra didn't talk for a while, Katie did this briliantly, by not doing the expected thing of just being silent, but also showing facial expressions and emotions. Katie impressed me greatly, and the epsides that she is in remain my favourites, for her performance alone. Well done Katie, you should be proud!! xxoo