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    • Katie: (about name of role) Oh my. Well, my part originally was very small. I didn't have any lines at all in the script. They just brought me out, I guess, because our director Ken Kwapis liked me in the audition, and just brought me out kind of for fun as a glorified extra. But I was playing soccer and stuff, so I was just pleased to be out there. And I didn't have a name. I was just "Bunkmate." You know, like "Girl #1" or whatever. And once Ken started putting me in more scenes and giving me a few lines here and there, he was like, "Okay, we need a name for you, because we can't just call you Bunkmate." [laughs] And so he was like, "You'll be Jo," which was another character in the book that hadn't been put into the script. So he gave me the name Jo, but we continued to call me Bunkmate just because it was so funny. So I was Bunkmate Jo, and they actually credited me that way in the film, I was happy to see.