Katie Wagner

Katie Wagner


5/11/1964, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Katharine Wagner



Also Known As

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Katie Wagner was born Katharine Wagner (named after family friend Katharine Hepburn) on May 11, 1964. She is the only daughter of Marion Marshall and Robert Wagner and stepdaughter of the late Natalie Wood.

In her teens, she moved in full time with her father, step mother…more


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  • She is pretty cool. I like her.

    Though I only seen Katie Wagner on the TV Guide Channel and a few times in the late 90's, I think she is really cool. I dont think she is really known, except as Robert Wagner and Marion Marshall's daughter. Anyways, I think she is a pretty cool reporter with great fashion sense. I like the questions she asked the celebrites during interviews and she is very level-headed and down to earth. I think Katie deserves her own talk show. I really liked her on TV Guide channel in 2004. After she left the station, things were not the same. I hope I can see her again on TV some day.moreless