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    • Katija: (on how she played her character Christina from the movie 'Yours, Mine and Ours') It's kind of really bubbly, a really overly-excited personality. You just are always jumping up and down. That's kind of how I portrayed her. My voice in the movie ended up going an octave higher every time she screams. It's piercing, but it was fun.

    • Katija: (describing her 'Just for Kicks' character Lauren) Lauren Zelmer is being raised by a single mother who has given up a lot to give her daughter opportunities. Lauren wants to show her that she really appreciates it, so she works so hard at everything she does. She comes out of her shell as the season goes on and it's just great to watch it.

    • Katija: (comparing herself to Lauren, her character in 'Just for Kicks') I was a lot like her when I was younger. I was born and raised in Hawaii and I was [always busy]-taking singing lessons and dance and acting. I was part of a dance company and I played soccer and [studied] piano and I did a lot of reading.

    • Katija Pevec: (on cheerleaders) I don't have anything against them….well, kind of - I think they are distracting. If you're watching a game, they are just distracting to me. I've never been a cheerleader and never will. My friends and I promised each other we'd never let each other do that. If one of us did decide to, we'd know something was seriously wrong.