Katt Williams

Katt Williams


9/2/1973, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Katt Micah Williams



Also Known As

Katt M. Williams, Katt in the Hat, Money Mike
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Katt Williams was born September 2nd in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was raised in Dayton, and when he left home, he voyaged from place to place in order to make a living for himself. Because he was such an intelligent child, he became very inventive in his methods to…more


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    • Katt Williams: I was young. You know when you are young, you just do what you do. I can use my I.Q. now. I had a high I.Q as an 8 years old. So you know what was I gonna do with it. I was just trying to be impressive and not mess up.

    • Katt Williams: Improv is where a comic really gets to shine, if he is good. That's as close as a comedian can get to the playoffs. I went through those years were I wanted to be the funny comic, now I'm trying to be the greatest comic of my time.

    • Katt Williams: I'm on the grind 23/6. The blessing now is that I got the gift and I got the thing to work the gift and I got the reason to be working.

    • Katt Williams: Everything, everywhere is comedy material. To watch and view the world via television, newspapers, movies and music translate our world into funny. There is no subject where funny doesn't exist.

    • Katt Williams: I'm in the great comedian lane. Once you're in that lane, that's just the beginning of it. The getting there is the journey.

    • Katt Williams: I have eight children, seven adopted. When my son Micah was born, it changed my life. Every week when I'm able to clothe and feed my family, pay my staff and travel around the world solely on the strength of comedy, that is my greatest accomplishment.

    • Katt Williams: My goal is to build a comedy empire and help restore dignity to our profession. It's the best I ever feel when I'm on stage, putting the thoughts from my head into those of an audience. Applause is my drug of choice.

  • Awesome!!!

    Katt Williams is sooooo awesome!!! He is one one of the all time greats!! Katt Williams is soooo FUNNY!!!! He has soo many funny jokes!!!!!! He is AWESOME!! I love watching him in Wild N Out!!! He has THE funniest jokes!!! I love them!!! I always laugh at his jokes!!! He may be short, but he has a lot of jokes in him!!! He has really cool hair too! His perm is awesome! He has a different hair style in every episode of wild n out! Katt Williams is just sooo awesome! Katt is truly one of the all time greats!moreless
  • Hilarious, on both of Nick Cannon's shows, sings and has his own album

    Katt Williams was born September 2nd in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was raised in Dayton, and when he left home, he voyaged from place to place in order to make a living for himself. Because he was such an intelligent child, he became very inventive in his methods to support himself. This included selling magazines door to door, and pretending to be a comedian at a Florida night club, even though he was under age.

    The audience was extremely responsive to his natural talent, and he then realized that it was a possibility to make a living performing stand-up comedy. In 1995, Katt became a father and his life then changed forever. “Having no legal skills and having an aversion to manual labor, my options weren’t that great. I was a single father and I had constant motivation”.

    He and his son traveled to a variety of places in order to perform comedy for small amounts of money. Needless to say, this was extremely difficult for a single parent. He has since adopted children, which has also been a source of tireless motivation. Katt Williams began to perform in “White rooms” all across the country.

    Although his reputation grew, he had not yet achieved his goals in the comedy realm. In 1999, Katt moved to Los Angeles, California, and within a year and a half, became a respected presence in the local comedy clubs. Performing at places like the Laugh Factory, The Improv, The Comedy Store, and The Icehouse, allowed him to host his own comedy room at the Hollywood Park Casino.

    In the summer of 2001, he was awarded Cedric the Entertainer’s Anheiser-Busch “Best Los Angeles Comic’s Award. In October of 2001, Katt went on his first theatrical audition at New Line Cinema for Friday After Next, and landed the role of “Money Mike“, which has contributed to a large portion of his fan base.

    Since then, Katt has appeared in a variety of television shows, such as The Tracy Morgan Show, My Wife and Kids, NYPD Blue, Cuts, Girlfriends, and is currently on the number one show on MTV, Wild ‘N Out with Nick Cannon. He has also provided numerous skits and video appearances for artists such as Ludacris, E-40, Outkast, Lil’ Kim, Lyfe Jennings, Nick Cannon, Suga Free, Lil‘ Scrappy, and a variety of other up and coming artists. He is also sponsored by several corporations such as Capri Jewelers (Phoenix, AZ) and T-Mobile (Urban World Wireless).

    Katt Williams is currently preparing for the release of his new rap/comedy album with Universal Records which is a collaboration with several well known artists. He will also be on his own comedy tour which begins the first part of 2006.moreless