Katy Brand

Katy Brand


1/13/1979, Buckinghamshire

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Katy Brand


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Katy Brand is a British actress, writer and comedienne, who has appeared in a variety of comedies and TV programmes, mostly recently, Katy Brand's Big Ass Series, a series where the actress does various impressions of other celebrities.


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    • Katy: I did a lot of comedy at uni, but I stopped performing after I graduated and started working in TV production. I found that I really missed it, so I started writing sketches and monologues about three-and-a-half years ago. I booked myself a load of gigs, and the more I did, the more things started to happen, really.

  • I think we all agree that Katy Brand is the best actress in a sketch show in the UK and i'm starting a group to make another series of 'Katy Brands big Ass show'. Who's with me???moreless

    Katy Brand has been a great actress since about 2006 or 2007. She started of her career in acting. She has her own BRILLIANT show on ITV2 called 'Katy Brands big Ass show'. And I think that you will agree that she's the greatest setch show comiedian in BRITAIN!!! She is know a comedian aswell as an actress and i'm starting a group for her to make another series of 'Katy Brands big Ass show.' I'll post a note on when the group starts and I really hope that you will join it for me and for Katy. I'm sorry i'm making this so long, its just that it has to be 100 words long and I got nothing. Anyway, Thank you and GOODBYE!!!moreless