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  • Katy Perry :)

    I think Katy Perry is a great role model as a celeb because she is not afrad to be herself and she is an AMAZING singer my fav song by her would have to be "Firework" because it is one of those songs that build you up not take you down so I am proud to say I give Katy Perry a thumbs up :)
  • Great singer/songwriter.

    Beautiful. Love all she does. Was sad to hear about her divorce.
  • Katy Perry

    I just love her, she is awesome and a great singer. My favorite song would probably be "Wide Awake". I just bought her CD, recently, except I still haven't played it yet, but I will soon. Katy is very talented, and she has her own wacky sense of style and definitely copy anyone. I loved her blue hair, she definitely modeled that! Katy is one of my role models, I look up to her. Katy is so sweet, because I've seen her invite people up on stage, her fans, and I've seen her talk to lots of her fans in the commercials of her movie, "Katy Perry-Part of Me" which I am dying to see, I hope I see it soon. Katy derserves her own movie, she has worked very hard to get where she was now. I want to see Katy in the acting business too, I bet she'd be great in her own TV show.
  • Best Singer/Song-writer in the world!

    Katy you are amazing, i love you and your fun Californian ways:) You are traveling the world on your "California Dreams Tour", and I plan on seeing you sometime soon! I used to be in love with GaGa but you, you are just SO normal and fun and "sweet". Get it? Candy, cupcakes, popsicles... Well, I love you Katy Perry!! By the way California Gurls is my most favorite song in the whole entire world...but after that is E.T! By the way Katy, how did you become so successful? Your so down to Earth, your not like regular pop stars! You are one of a kind, and you know what.. You are better than all the rest, so your doing something right!
  • Not a fan.

    It baffles me to think how Katy Perry can be so popular with just one song that was a big hit. I personally don't think she is a very good singer and I think she is vastly overrated. I think she is hot, but aside from that, there is no reason for me to like her at all. Normally there is something that I can say that would be nice. I guess in this case, she is very attractive. That doesn't say much for her music, but I guess it's all about the money. Overall, I don't care much for her music. Thank you.