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    • Kavan Smith: I asked to be able to send a message to my fans, or Lorne's fans from Stargate. And I guess the message is this: I am tickled, thrilled and blown away by the support that you guys have given me, dating back to "Enemy Mine" a few years ago. And that people actually paid attention when I showed up in Atlantis is remarkable.

    • Kavan Smith: The one thing that you have to consider when you do sci fi, is that it's not necessarily a genre that I set out to get into. But once you're there you have to really like it because the fans are ridiculously loyal. It's like nothing else. You could go out and you could win three Oscars and people forget about you in six weeks. Sci fi stuff, like "Enemy Mine" -- three or four years ago you said -- people are still talking about it, asking me about it. So, it's just an entirely different kind of fan.