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  • Max's Halloween/Ruby's Leaf Collection/The Blue Tarantula

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 10/31/03

    Max's Halloween:
    Ruby wants Max to be a Prince to her Cinderella but Max's mind is set on trick or treating as a vampire.

    Ruby's Leaf Collection:
    Both siblings have different reasons for collecting leaves.

    The Blue Tarantula:
    Ruby and Max get scared after reading a bedtime story about a blue tarantula.

  • Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 8/16/02

    An ex-cop is forced to shoot a billionaire software magnate who turns mugger, but nobody can account for why the would-be mugger would turn to crime.
  • Franklin Meets Ermine / Franklin's Funny Buisness

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 7 - 6/19/00

    "Franklin Meets Ermine"

    When Franklin and his friends race paper boats, Franklin's boat gets stuck in a tree branch in the stream. Everyone goes on ahead, while Franklin tries to rescue his boat. But then a kid Franklin's never seen before, wearing glasses, accidentally tumbles onto Franklin's boat while trying to rescue it. Upset at what he's done, he runs off. Franklin's annoyed, thinking he wrecked his boat on purpose. He goes back to his friends and explains what happened. They all wonder why they never saw him. Later on, Franklin and his friends are flying kites. Suddenly the wind dies down and everyone starts running to keep their kites in the air. Franklin tells them that they're just impatient, if they wait, the wind will come back again. But they run off, leaving Franklin alone. Suddenly a new kite appears in the sky. It's the one of the kid from earlier. But then, his kite accidentally bumps into Franklin's kite, knocking it into a tree. Upset once again at what he's done, he runs off. When his friends return, Franklin tells them about what happened, but this time they don't believe him so quickly. He convinces a couple, but Beaver quips that he must have an imaginary friend. Sometime later on, Franklin and his friends are playing baseball. Bear hits the ball way back and it goes into some bushes. Franklin goes to get it, only to see the kid from earlier once again. He gets the ball for Franklin, but when Franklin confronts him about wrecking his kite and boat, he runs off, much to Franklin's disappointment, as he's once again disappeared when he wanted his friends to see him. Finally, when Franklin is walking through the woods, he sees the new kid with his grandmother, who is trying to rescue Franklin's kite. Ermine explains to his grandmother that he doesn't think he's going to make any friends here. He's just too shy. So Franklin introduces himself. He apologizes for getting angry at him, now understanding what happened. He agrees to introduce the new kid, Ermine, to all of his friends. And he does, but not before playing a little joke on them first, by pretending that he can't see anyone when they all point to Ermine. Then he tells him that he's just kidding, since they had all thought Ermine was invisible. They ask Ermine what he'd like to play and he says hide-and-seek, since he seems to be good at that. Everyone laughs.

    "Franklin's Funny Business"

    Franklin tells jokes on the school bus that amuse everyone. But when Rabbit tries to tell jokes, they fall flat. Everyone's heard them before. On the way home that day, Rabbit asks Franklin for help on being funny. Franklin tells him that he actually got all of his jokes out of a book from the library. So they go to the library where they find a great new book with practical jokes. With the new book, Franklin and Rabbit play a series of practical jokes on their friends. Everyone finds them funny, except the person that the joke is on. Finally, tired of being the butt of Franklin and Rabbits' jokes, Franklin and Rabbits' friends play a practical joke on them. However, nobody's laughing, not Franklin, not Rabbit and nobody else either. It's hard to find such a joke funny when you know how it feels. Franklin realizes that jokes are only funny when everybody is laughing together, not at someone.

  • Family Business

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 9/24/99

    Meg assumes control of Plumfield. Asia considers dropping out to run a restaurant.
  • Franklin and Otter's Visit / Franklin's Collection

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 9 - 11/2/98

    In "Franklin and Otter's Visit", Otter has returned for a visit to Woodland and Franklin was excited. But soon he realizes how things have changed since Otter have moved away, including their once great friendship.

    In "Franklin's Collection", Franklin did not know what to bring to school for show and tell. Everyone had a collection of some sort except for Franklin. Franklin sets out to find a collection but didn't think it was anything spectular until Mr. Owl pointed out what a great collection Franklin has.moreless

  • Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 10/26/96

    Nothing beats Halloween, and this year will be awesome. Much better than last year, or the year Lee and Tabby played that joke--a nasty practical joke on Drew and her best friend, Walker. Yes, this year Drew and Walker have a plan for revenge. It involves two scary pumpkin heads. But something's gone wrong, because the pumpkin heads are a little too scary and a little too real with strange hissing voices and flames shooting out of their faces. Could it be Shane and Shauna playing a Halloween joke on Drew and Walker?moreless
  • Franklin's Robot / Franklin the Detective

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 10 -

    "Franklin's Robot"

    Franklin and Fox are playing in the sandbox. Fox has a toy robot and he pretends that it's a real robot and that he's using it to make a castle. The two both agree that it would be neat if they had a real robot. It could build huge sandcastles and clean their rooms and all sorts of things. So Fox says that maybe his Dad will let him use some of the old things he has to make a robot. They get to work and put one together. Beaver and Bagder come along. They see and ask it can do. Franklin and Fox have to admit, the only thing they can do is make its eye light up red. Beaver and Badger aren't impressed. Then, Fox says that the reason it can't really do anything is because it's not ready yet. If they come back later, they'll be able to see it clean rooms and do all sorts of neat things. After they leave, Franklin asks just how it's going to do that. Fox isn't sure, but he knows that Beaver and Badger are just going to laugh at them if it doesn't. So Fox comes up with an idea: he puts Franklin inside the robot and has him wear it as a suit. Beaver and Badger return, this time with Goose and Rabbit. Fox is ready for them. He has Franklin, dressed as the robot, follow their commands to spin around and jump up and down. But Franklin gets pretty tired from doing all of this and when Beaver asks Fox to have the robot clean his room, Fox says he has to take it to get its battery recharged. He runs off with the "robot" and he and Franklin trade spaces. Now, Fox is inside the robot and Franklin is the one operating it. He takes it to Beaver's, where Fox, as the robot, cleans her room. Pretty soon, everyone is competing to have the robot clean their room next and Franklin and Fox are finding it harder to maintain their deception. They try to concoct a plan where the "robot" ends up in the water and Franklin will claim it's "short-circuited," but the plan itself is short-circuited when their friends show up earlier than expected. Fox, as the robot, makes a run for it, but they chase him. Finally, he stops and takes off the robot head. Beaver says that she knew all along it wasn't a real robot. Later on, everyone discusses the deception. Everyone's actually sort of impressed, they never did make the connection that both Fox and Franklin were never present at the same time when the robot was around. Fox and Franklin show the thing with the eye lighting up again and Rabbit thinks it's neat. He calls it the "world's biggest night-light." Fox explains how they set up the eye so it goes on whenever there's a shadow over it. Now, everyone wants to borrow the robot for use as a night-light.

    "Franklin the Detective"

    Franklin and Bear are playing a Clue type game in which they try to solve international crimes. Franklin catches the jewel thief and wins again. Then, Mr. Turtle comes in, looking for his keys. Through deduction, Franklin figures out that they were locked in the back trunk of the car. They use Mom's car keys to unlock it and get them out. Then, as Franklin and Bear are walking along to a baseball game, Franklin spots a hat. It's rather small, so at first they think it might be a child's hat. Then, they find a plant marker in it that says "rhododendron." Maybe it belongs to Mr. Mole, since he gardens. But Franklin notices that it doesn't look like a guy's hat. So he figures out that it belongs to Mrs. Heron and returns it to her. He also figures out something else: he and Bear are late for the baseball game. They head for the game, but nobody seems to be there. All of the equipment is still there though, so they must be somewhere. They find them, looking for the ball. Apparently Fox hit the ball so hard that he sent it flying someplace that they can't find it. Franklin tells them that he's a detective and that he'll find it. Beaver's rather skeptical about this. Franklin's first deduction is that "what goes up, must come down." Beaver says that anyone could have figured that out. Franklin looks for tracks and finds those of Goose. He thinks that maybe following them will lead them to the ball. But when he finds Goose, she says that she was just passing through and she didn't see any ball. However, she did hear a splash. So Franklin thinks that the ball must be in the stream. He goes and gets his baseball, thinking that the stream will carry downstream and they'll find Beaver's ball that way. But when he puts it in, it just sinks. He doesn't understand where he could have gone wrong. Later on, as Bear and Franklin are walking along, Bear notices a couple of things. He sees Baby Skunk with a balloon and he sees a chef twirling pizza dough, which gets stuck on the ceiling. So maybe not everything that goes up comes down. He tells Franklin this and Franklin gets a new idea. This time: he finds Beaver's ball, stuck in a tree branch. He explains his logic: the crack that Beaver heard must have been the cracking of a tree branch. The branch fell into the stream, causing a splash. Meanwhile, her ball remained stuck up in the tree. Beaver thanks Bear and Franklin for figuring it out. They go back to the baseball game, except Beaver warns that nobody will be able to steal any bases. They'll just be caught, since there's a couple of detectives on the team.moreless