Kaycee Stroh





5/29/1984 , Salt Lake City, Utah

Birth Name




Kaycee Stroh was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 29,1984 to parents Bruce and Cindy Stroh. She is the youngest of three girls. Her dancing career started early, at the age of two. She has won numerous awards for her dancing and choreography throughout the years.

In school Kaycee did not limit herself just to drama; she also participated in dance company, ensemble and varsity cheer. She has played a wide variety of roles such as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (age 10), Erma in Anything Goes (age 16) and Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream (age 17). However, she is most proud of earning the title of "Miss Congeniality" and "Triple Threat".

Kaycee was working as a dance teacher when she nailed her role as Martha Cox, the brainy hip hop girl in Disney's High School Musical and High School Musical 2. You might also recognize her as Leslie, the always positive and a little bit ditsy friend of Maddie and London in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. KayCee currently resides in Los Angeles, California.