Kaysar Ridha

Kaysar Ridha


8/10/1980, Baghdad,Iraq

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Kaysar Ridha was born August 10th,1980. When he was an infant his whole family immigrated to the USA. Kaysar apperaed on a reality show, Big Brother 6 with his neighbor Michael Donnelan. Kaysar currently lives in Irvine, Californa where he works as a graphic designer.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Kaysar came in 2nd place during the week 2 veto competition on BB7. He lost to Erika.

    • During week 2 of BB7 Kaysar, as HOH, nominated Nakomis and Diane for eviction.

    • Kaysar was one of 14 all stars selected to enter the BB7 house. He was voted in by America.

    • Kaysar won HOH during week 2 of BB7.

    • Kaysar was one of the twenty nominees for the Big Brother 7 all star cast.

    • When Kaysar is evicted for the 2nd time over Janelle, it is with a unanimous 7-0 vote.

    • When Kaysar is evicted for the second time in Big Brother 6, by coincidence, he was up against Jannelle, just like the last time that he was evicted, he was also up against friend Janelle.

    • At the nomination ceremony in episode 17 of BB6, Rachel used the POV to take herself off of the block. The HOH, Jennifer, made a stunning & strategic move by replacing her with Kaysar. This was Kaysar's third time being nominated for eviction.

    • During episode 17 of BB6, Maggie and Kaysar celebrated their birthdays and received birthday cakes, as well as presents from K-Mart, like Sony PSPs and Digital Music Players, plus birthday greetings from home.

    • Janelle chooses Kaysar to play in the Veto Competition in episode 17 of BB6.

    • Just prior to CBS's announcement to Kaysar's winning the America's Choice vote to return to the BB6 house, Kaysar joined Eric and Michael in Julie's pagoda, where he refered to the three of them as the "Three Stooges."

    • As winner of the America's Choice vote to return to the BB6 house, Kaysar received an overwhelming 4 million votes. Of the 5 million votes cast, he received 85% of the vote.

    • In episode 14 of BB6, the remaining houseguests designed T-Shirts to advertise who they'd want back in the BB6 house as winner of the America's Choice vote. Rachel, Howie, and Sarah all make their shirts for Kaysar.

    • Kaysar chose Janelle to play in the Veto Competition in episode 11 of BB6.

    • After being nominated for eviction for the 2nd time on BB6, Kaysar said "Keep putting me on the block, I'll find a way off and make their lives a living hell."

    • In episode 10 of BB6, Maggie nominates Kaysar and James for eviction, apparently seeking to avenge Eric's eviction from last week. This is Kaysar's 2nd nomination.

    • During the Veto Competition in episode 8 of BB6 Kaysar said about Maggie, "Her breathing changed; she was sweating. She knew that she was toast."

    • James used the POV to remove himself from the nomination block in episode 8 of BB6 causing Kaysar to chose Eric in his place.

    • Kaysar chose Howie to play with him in the Veto Competition in episode 8 of BB6.

    • As Head of Household Kaysar nominated James and Maggie for eviction in episode 7 of BB6.

    • The Head of Household contest, "Majority Rules" on BB6 revealed that the houseguests thought Kaysar would be more likely than Howie to give flowers to a girl after the first date.

    • After a tie-breaker in the Head of Household competition, Kaysar walked away with the title of the third Big Brother 6 HoH.

    • Michael and Kaysar rewarded the BB6 house with dessert by swallowing tuna malts during the Food Competition, called "Snack Shack from Hell."

    • After being nominated for eviction in episode 1 of BB6, Kaysar survived the elimination and Ashlea becomes the first person voted out of the BB6 house.

    • After discovering "The Gold Room" in the BB6 house To be fair, Rachel devised a plan so that everyone will get a chance to stay in there, and Ivette and Kaysar get the room for the first few days when the Lazy Susan "chooses" them.

    • Kaysar seemed to form an all-male alliance with Eric, Mike, and James by episode 2 of BB6 which quickly deteriorated.

    • In episode 2 of BB6, Kaysar picked Eric to play in the Veto contest.

    • At the end of the first episode of BB6, Rachel nominated Ashlea and Kaysar for elimination, saying that she did not get to know either of them very well.

    • Kaysar was able to ditch the PB&J diet in week 2 when his team won that week's food challenge.

    • Kaysar turned down the opportunity to do the Battle of the Network Reality Stars show.

    • Kaysar has said in multiple interviews that the only other reality shows he would consider doing are Amazing Race or the BB Allstars.

    • Kaysar met his BB6 partner Michael at a Diedrich Coffee in Irvine frequented by graphic artists.

    • Kaysar was one of the group of houseguests on the dreaded all PB&J diet in week 1 of BB6.

    • Kaysar lost the HOH competition to Jennifer in episode 16 only after making a deal with her that she would nominate 2 people from "The Friendship" for eviction.

    • Kaysar admitted to Eric that he threw the POV competition in episode 8.

    • After making the deal with Jennifer that gave her HOH in episode 16, Kaysar began to have second thoughts when he said "If she nominates one of my teammates as opposed to two people from her own side, then the deal will be broken. And there will be consequences."

    • After orchestrating Eric's eviction from the BB6 house Kaysar was quoted as saying "Maggie and Eric thought they were untouchable."

    • During his reign as HOH, Kaysar showed that stragegy was important to him when he said "I'm here to show them who's the better strategist." This game plan led him to create "The Soverign Six."

    • While in the BB6 house, Kaysar earned the nickname "King Kaysar."

    • Kaysar is 6'4 & 1/2" tall.

    • Kaysar was evicted from the BB6 house for the 2nd time in episode 18.

    • After returning to the BB6 house in episode 15, he was nominated for eviction again in episode 17.

    • Kaysar was born in Baghdad, Iraq.

    • Kaysar is a Muslim.

    • In a Reality TV Magazine poll of "Who is your favoirte Big Brother Houseguest?" Kaysar finished in first place with 9,313 votes (or 27%).

    • Kaysar's college major was Biological Schiences.

    • Kaysar attended The University of California at Irvine.

    • Kaysar was #1 on MSNBC's "It" List for 18 weeks.

    • Kaysar was ranked #4 of Reality TV's 25 Most Fascinating Stars by Reality News Online.

    • Kaysar was featured on an episode of Entertainment Tonight which aired on July 9, 2005.

    • Kaysar appeared on an episode of The Early Show which aired on Aug. 19, 2005.

    • Kaysar appeared on an 2006 "Where Are They Now?" episode of Reality Chat.

    • According to his BB6 survey, Kaysar's favorite candy bar is a 100 Grand.

    • According to his BB6 survey, Kaysar's favorite cookie is Mrs. Field's white chocolate macadamia nut.

    • According to his BB6 survey, Kaysar's favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    • According to his BB6 survey, Kaysar's favorite sport to play is basketball.

    • According to his BB6 survey, Kaysar's favorite actress is Penelope Cruz.

    • According to his BB6 survey, Kaysar has no favorite movies, tv shows, actors, bands, hobbies, sports team, outdoor activities, music, snacks, or beverages.

    • Kaysar won BB6's HOH in episode 6 and nominated James and Maggie for eviction.

    • Kaysar was nominated for eviction from BB6 in episode 1 along with fellow houesguest Ashlea. It was Ashlea who was voted off in episode 2.

    • Kaysar appeared on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

    • Kaysar was voted back in the Big Brother house by fans of the show. He was evicted the same week.

    • Kaysar was the 4th person evicted from Big Brother 6.

    • Kaysar launched his new clothing start-up, called IrockStar, which is a play on the words Rock Star and Iraq.

    • Kaysar and Michael are neighbors and came in to the game as partners.

  • Quotes

  • Showed pleasant gentle side Of all the BB7 the only one I would like to be friends with Kaysar you represent your country well You showed a side that America is not wanted to see God bless you You really did win You won America\'s heartmoreless

    Kaysar was my favorite from the get-go He is the only one I voted to be on the All-Stars Since Kaysar is gone I will no longer watch I have one thing to say to the remainin guests get rid of Danielle, Chicken George, James and Marcellas and Will and Boogie. Hope Howie or Erica takes it all
  • kaysar...is..what? what am i supposed 2 write? i hardly know the guy?....nor ma i judgmental..2 the very point in which i assume things, and form opinions.....i choose not...anyhow..whta else 2 sya bout the fela..hes cute..n hes iraq...n he can really talmoreless

    salam ppl...

    Kaysar...came on 2 the show to make a statement...why the tears?..he did not need nor want the money...according to the charming fella...he wasnt very fond of the image that portrayed muslims and arab americans, so he did something...i never `watched big brother, i dont watch tv,...i happen to have seen him on tv guide, me n my sister were arguing, n there he was, he presented hismelf well, n kept us wanting more...i wanted 2 be the first iraqi and muslim to be on a reality show..but 2 bad...my departure 2 iraq....had me change plans....but i am gald he was the first...the fella should get his own show...i am sure he has talents...we just have to dig deep to unleash them...

    yella, kaysar, if u read this, write back, lol, i want to beg...but i doubt u will...

    ( salam4_all@yhaoo.commoreless