Keeley Hawes

Keeley Hawes


2/10/1976, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Claire Hawes


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  • Keeley Hawes plays DI Alex Drake
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Best known for her roles as Alex Drake on Ashes to Ashes and MI5 agent Zoe Reynolds on Spooks, film and television actress Keeley Hawes grew up in Marylebone, near the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School. Although no one in the family except for her had an interest…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • If she weren't an actress, Keeley would've wanted to be a neurosurgeon so she could have a real difference in someone else's life. Another more realistic alternative job she would have liked is a teacher.

    • One of her favorite books is William Golding's Lord of the Flies.

    • While she studied at Sylvia Young stage school, Keeley lived with ex-Spice Girl and school mate Emma Bunton.

    • When she filmed the bedroom scene where she had to show her bottom in A Cock and Bull Story (2005), Keeley was eight months pregnant so she chose a body double to do the nude scene.

    • Keeley contributed to the Blake's 7 audio novel The Early Years playing the role of Anna Brand.

    • In 2008, Keeley recorded commentaries for episodes 1 and 2 for the Season 1 DVD of Ashes to Ashes.

    • Keeley had to gain 15 pounds for her role as Diana Dors in The Blonde Bombshell.

    • Keeley is 5'9" (1.75m) tall. She has natural brown hair and gray-green eyes.

    • Her favorite charity is Breakthrough Breast Cancer. When she was 19, Keeley found a benign lump in her breast. She also helps out in promoting the children's hospice service Chase in Surrey.

    • Keeley voice-acted the character Maid Marion in Robin Hood's Quest and Quest for Aladdin's Treasure, both released in 2007. She also provided the voice of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Legend (2006), Tomb Raider: Anniversary (2007), and Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008).

    • She is the face for Boots No7 cosmetics in its Spring Collection 2008.

    • She appeared in the music videos, "She's a Star" by James and "Saturday Night" by Suede.

    • The youngest among four siblings, Keeley has two brothers, who are London cab drivers, and a sister, whose name is Jan. Her father is Tony, also a London cabbie, and her mother is Brenda.

    • In interviews to Diva magazine and The Radio Times in 2002, she stated that she was bisexual. In 2009, she explained that she was misquoted when what she actually said was, "everybody is probably perfectly capable of finding somebody of the same sex attractive". Keeley claimed she has never had any lesbian relationships.

    • In the 2007 comedy Death at a Funeral, she played onscreen wife to real-life husband Matthew Macfadyen.

    • From December 2001 to 2004, Keeley was married to entrepreneur Spencer McCallum, with whom she had a son, Myles (b. 2000). She then married Spooks co-star Matthew Macfadyen in October 8, 2004 in a private ceremony in their local registry office. They have two children: daughter Maggie (b. December 2004) and son Ralph (b. September 2006).

  • Quotes

    • Keeley Hawes: I'm very maternal, and there's a really lovely thing you can do where you look after a disabled child for a while to give their parents some respite.

    • Keeley Hawes: (on watching her figure) Life is simply too short to think about everything you put in your mouth, and it's not good for children to see you picking over bits of salad.

    • Keeley Hawes: (on wanting to become famous; in a 2000 interview) I'm ambitious, but I'm not ruthless in any way. It was never something that I was hungry for. I don't come from that. I come from something so normal. I know that I can always do something else besides act. It's not going to drive me crazy.

    • Keeley Hawes: My God, I'd be the worst, most depressed person if I stayed at home every day of the year. It would be awful for me and my family. I've nothing against stay-at-home mums, but I would become unbearable, such a horrible, miserable bitch.

    • Keeley Hawes: I'm not self-conscious about my body, but I think I will keep it covered up after having three children. There comes a time when you have to say, 'Hmm, that's it, I think I'll save it for indoors.'

    • Keeley Hawes: I think that it's pointless staying in a loveless marriage. I wasn't in a loveless marriage but if you're not happy, then that reflects - doesn't it? - on your children. Happy grown-ups make for happy children.

    • Keeley Hawes: (on what she clings on from childhood) I think I've still got quite a childish sense of humour, and I'm quite giggly. I've been like that since I was quite little. I'm the worst for corpsing. I should make a mint in outtakes.

    • Keeley Hawes: 'Complicity' is risque, but I'm not bothered by such things. I watched Robocop the other night and it was full of gratuitous violence. I would rather see gratuitous sex.

    • Keeley Hawes: I was sent the DVD of me in ShakespeaRe-Told: Macbeth, and there was this big, dramatic moment and I was thinking 'this is looking good', when Myles came in and said, 'Oh Mummy, when are you going to do something good like Madagascar'?

    • Keeley Hawes: (in a 2008 interview) I've been really lucky with my career so far. I haven't been pigeon-holed, which sometimes happens to actors. The exciting thing is having something that you'd have never thought of drop on your mat and thinking 'Oh God, I'd love to do this'. But I can't complain - I'm even lucky enough to have done my pocket version of Lady Macbeth!

    • Keeley Hawes: We now think low-slung hipsters are very sexy but actually back then it was all about the waist. It took a while to get my head around the high waists – I was thinking, 'Gosh, this makes my bum look really long!

  • Such a great actresses

    Keeley Hawes is a wonderful actress and a gorgeous girl we have all seen her acting talent on shows like ashes to ashes, and spooks, i can honestly say i can't imagine anyone else playing Alex Drake i think she's wonderful and i'll watch her in any thing does. Keeley really does have it all managing a blooming acting carrer motherhood and a husband. I know il'd certainly wouldn't mind being her, any one who critisises her acting talent is crazy, why Keeley recieved flak over her acting in the first few episodes of Ashes to Ashes was beyond me i think she's always spot on.moreless