Keenan Macwilliam

Keenan Macwilliam


12/26/1989, Toronto

Birth Name

Keenan MacWilliam



Also Known As

Keenan MacWilliam
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Keenan's career started when she was 6, doing her first commercial in Nashville. Born in Toronto, she lived in Africa for four years, moved to Tennessee and is now living in Canada. Her credits include the starring role in Must be Santa, (CBC/Universal Studios MOW), lead roles in…more


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  • hi i am so glad u are an actress u are so good in the saddle club that is what made me go horse riding i go in this place called south pasture stabbles it is the best it is in engaland were i grew up hull near the humber xxxxxxxxx please write xmoreless

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  • Keenan MacWilliam you are the best jumper ever on the entire show. I think you are really great. I want to be a actress just like you soooooo much I can't stand it. When I die I want to live again as a human and be born in Canada of Australia.moreless

    Keenan MacWilliam is the best that has ever walked the earth. She the best character on the show. I think she is very great that's why I gave her a 10 for my rating for her. When I grow up I want to be just like her and I love to ride horses. When I turn 13 I am going to ask my parents if they could send me to Canada and then Australia for the summer because I always wanted to go there and evern live there. Watching the Saddle Club was the best thing that ever happened to me through my whole entire life.moreless