Keenyah Hill

Keenyah Hill


9/16/1985, Compton, California, USA

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Keenyah Hill


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  • Keenyah is one of my least favourite contestants on Top Model and I'm absolutely horrified she got that far on that show!

    Keenyah is a horrible model and I'm still horrified she made it to the final 3. I laughed when she was eliminated and actually thought she was more talented that Kahlen? Is she serious?! I found her very selfish and demanding. I actually laughed when she asked Brittany if Nelson Mandella was still alive, only to crack it when Naima, a person with black history in her life (and the knowledge that Nelson Mandella is, in fact, still alive)got to open his prison cell. I hated Keenyah from the very start of the cycle and I will openly say she is one of the worst ever contestants in Top Model history.moreless
  • I liked her, then not so much.

    I really didn't start to hate Keenyah until around the time she went to South Africa. In the beginning of her season, she complained some about her hair but after that I thought she was ok. I started to dislike her again because of some of the things she did and said, like saying Naima wasn't really black just because she didn't see it. She also cried about not being able to open Nelson Mandela's jail cell, when she didn't even know if he was alive or dead. I didn't think she should have made it to second runner up.moreless