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    • Fujiwara is the voice of over 5,000 Japanese anime characters.

    • His best known projects include "Crayon Shin-chan" as Hiroshi Nohara, "Eureka Seven" as Holland, "Fullmetal Alchemist" as Lieutenant Hughes, "Zoids: Chaotic Century" as Irvine, "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children" as Reno, "Kingdom Hearts II" as Axel, the Japanese dub of "Lost" as Sawyer, "Galaxy Angel" as Volcott, "Sgt. Frog" as Paul, "Blood+" as Nathan, and "Overman King Gainer" as Kashimaru Bale.

    • Keiji Fujiwara is a male seiyû from the Tokyo Metropolitan area who is affiliated with Air Agengy.

    • Many of his roles are archetypal "slackers" superficially, but often these characters have an important part in the story.

    • His blood type is A.

    • Keiji Fujiwara and Quinton Flynn both play Axel in "Kingdom Hearts" and Reno in the Final Fantasy movie "Advent Children".

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