Keir Gilchrist





9/28/1992 , London, England, UK

Birth Name

Keir David Peters Gilchrist




Keir Gilchrist is a rising British-Canadian film and television actor most known for portraying Marshall Gregson on the Showtime original series United States of Tara, a dramedy about a working mom (played by Toni Collette) afflicted with dissociative identity disorder and the unique challenges it poses to the family. Born in London, England, Gilchrist was raised in Boston, Massachusetts and New York City. When he was ten, his family finally settled in Toronto, Canada, the place he has called home when away from work in Los Angeles, California.

Interest in acting came early for Keir and grew even more when he attended the Annex Children's Theatre in Toronto. It was mostly due to the encouragement of his acting coach that he decided to make acting a profession. Gilchrist was only ten years of age when he made his television debut as the son of police chief Jim Stockwell on Queer as Folk. His first feature film appearance was in a Canadian comedy-drama The Right Way (2004), where he played the younger version of the lead male character David. Since then, Keir has racked up more than a dozen film and TV movie credits to his name, finding projects in both Canada and the US. He has also guest-starred in shows such as MISSING, ReGenesis, and Life with Derek.

In 2007, Gilchrist landed his first major television role on FOX's short-lived comedy The Winner as Josh, the smart 13-year-old son of Alison McKellar (Erinn Hayes) who forms an unusual bond with Glen Abbott (Rob Corddry), their neighbor 20 years his senior. In his guest appearance on The Listener, Keir played a teen suspected of being involved in a series of store burglaries. In 2008, he was flew in for an audition in Los Angeles by the producers of United States of Tara after having checked him out on tape. Gilchrist subsequently won his breakout role of Marshall, Tara's sensitive and soft-spoken gay teenage son, and garnered much praise from his co-stars and critics alike.