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  • Beautiful Actress

    There are not that many actresses that I can say are really good/great let alone on my personal fav list. Keira Knightly is one that has caught my attention and interest.

    Yeah, I saw the "Pirates of the Carabean" films (liked the first one didn't care about the sequels) but it wasn't that film that really caught my attention of her, if you can believe that. The one film that did catch my attention was "Pride and Prejudice", I didn't think I would really love that film normally those aren't the type of films I watch, but supprisingly the content of the film was great because I felt it was one of those romance stories done the right way , but besides that it was just the type of character Keira played Elesabeth Benet whom was the strong intelegent female. The way she delivered and performed was with passion but at the same time felt down to earth, like someone that wasn't unreachable.

    But it also felt she was kinda playing a little of herself in that role. This film turned out to be one of my favorate films in general (yeah I'm a man I dare say it) after that film I wanted to see more of her and well the rest is history afterward.

    And in real life I like the fact she not egocentric she rather low profile but that's a great think, those are the kind of actors and actresses I like the most that aren't attention grabbers, that's something I emphasize with because I'm also not someone that looking to be in the spotlight to much I'm just a person that wants to do my own thing and that's what she does. She is intelegent really does know what she doing and seems like she commits to each role she plays despite whatever movie it is. I can tell that she really does have fun acting because she has this charisma, energy, and vibrance to her which not just gives the roles she's in a soul but just simply her as a person.

    And this is something I just have to get off my chest so forgive me for seeming bold or overzelus (though I don't mean to) I may'be in the minority on this but I don't care it's my opininon I have a right to it but I think physically and mentally Keira is FRAKING HOT!, just one of the hottest women on the planet in my book.

    I like that her roles are most of the time strong intelgent women types though in each of the movies there are slight persona differences whenever I see her play each of them it doesn't feel completely like I'm seeing and hearing the same person. From my third favorate film with her "Attonement" her character Cecelia was the same strong female type but she was a bit feisty and stuck up in a good way. And of course a few underrated gems like "King Arthur" I really like her as Gwenavere she's probably my favorate live action version of that character, I like how she had fire, charisma, and can kick butt and that's another thing about the actress she is physically capable of doing action which demonstrates her talent does have a degree of depth and range. Though the movie "Last Night" the role she played was a little different from what she usually would play, the character Joanna is strong but unfotunately a hint of weakness which makes her fall prey to what happens in the film (which was what made the film sad for me), this supprised me and drew me in because it was something truely different. So that one other thing about Keira is that she supprises me and I hope she doesn't stop doing that.

    Recently I saw her in the movie "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" which to me is one of my favorate films of not just this year but in general; but anyway she once again supprised me because this film was a comidy let alone with Steve Carell whom is another actor I really like but anyway Keira was actually funny in the film, she was almost a show steeler, she just had some really great lines in the film. But most of all just love her character whom was once again a strong intelgent female type but on the quarky down to earth side. And this is another think I dare say but this film is my favorate Keira Knightly film (as well as Steve Carell but that's another story) take it or leave it it's the truth.

    How she'll fare in the upcoming film "Anna Karana" well we'll have to wait and see but from the trailers it looks great, so I'm going to go to the theater to see it. Keira is not just a beautiful actress but person as well.
  • Keira has starred in many movies at such a young age. Like bend it like beckham, pride and prejudice, all the pirates ones,love actually, domino etc

    She is probably one of the best actresses of our generation to be honest. She clearly talented. She can act well and you actually believe what she is showing us. I think its been a long time since there has actually been an actress that has her talent. Nowdays we have throw away actors that can barely act, or just seem to fake for the role.
    Some of her stand out performances for me are definately Bend it like beckham, pride and prejudice and definately attonement. She seems to be down to earth person. In most of her interviews she doesnt seem like shes trying to be anyone shes not. She seems relatively normal person and isnt set out to impress anyone except with her acting of course.I cant wait to see what her next movies are like!!
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    I love her... ;) Shes a great actor, Pirates of the Caribbean have to be the best.. oh and Atonement.

  • The young Keira Knightley is one of my favourite actors. I first got notice of her during "Bend it Like Beckham".

    The young Keira Knightley is one of my favourite actors. I first got notice of her during "Bend it Like Beckham".

    From there on her career blossomed. Being part of "The Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy really helped to make her a household name. Two of my favourite movies of her are "Pride and Prejudice" as well as "Atonement". In my opinion both movies are very similar to each other in the plot, and Keira was the best for both of them.

    Keira is still very young and if she continues like this she will be one of the best actresses ever.
  • One of the greatest actresses of our time

    Brunette beauty Keira Knightley was born in 1985 in Teddington, Middlesex to thespian parents. She trained in dance from an early age and made her film debut age the age of twelve in A Village Affair (1994). George Lucas chose the 14-year-old Knightley for the part of the decoy Queen in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) due to her resemblance to Natalie Portman. She dropped out of college when offers poured in and came to greater public attention in the school thriller The Hole (2001). That same year, she gained her breakthrough role as a tomboy footballer in Gurinder Chadha's sleeper hit-comedy Bend It Like Beckham (2002). The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy of movies thrust Knightley into the Hollywood mainstream due to her memorable performance. She must be one of the greatest actresses of our time, she is hugely talented and good lookin' too.
  • In my opinion one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood

    People give Keira Knightley a hard time, but you know what? I think that she is a great actress. I mean, I could name a couple more accomplished actors, but I can see the effort. I was amazed with her acting in Pirates 3. She played a determined, confident woman with a lot of courage. I think she is absolutely gorgeous, and I don't see what the big weight issue is all about. Ok, she's skinny, now drop it. Instead of looking at this distinguished, well-mannered young girl, the press should be focusing on the flusies that party every night and are being arrested for the THIRD TIME. (Thank goodness Paris is back in jail)

    Sorry if I offended anyone by saying Paris Hilton is a flusy, but c'mon, you got to admit.

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    Not a bad looking woman but again we have a pretty face that couldn't support a movie if her life depended on it. P.O.C.-Depp carried and after him I would have to go with Rush and Nighy then the goofy duo. Her scenes with Bloom were nothing more then generic love scenes that we see in most every movie. Thank goodness for Depp.
  • One of my favorite actresses top five easy

    Keria Knightley is such a wonderful actress. She does an amazing job with the characters she plays and it does not hurt that she is really hot. She did a great job with Elizabeth in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I thought that she did great in Pride and Prejudice as Lizzie. I recently seen the movie Damino i never relized that she played Demino Harvey until 10 minutes into it she did an incredible job with that role. I really hope that the rumors of her quiting acting are not true because I look forword to seeing her in some more movies in the future.
  • very talented young actress

    Keira Knightly has played in a few movies, even she though she is a few weeks younger then me, which I just found out. She played in King Arthur as Guinevere, that movie was ok, the one that I really like her in is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, she played a great part and looked absolutely beautiful, hence me thinking she was older then she is. I can’t believe she doesn’t think that she beautiful because she really is. I can’t wait to see her in the next two Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  • I'm not a lesbian, but she is really REALLY hot, haha. If I was a guy I would totally fall in love.

    Keira has the talent, the looks, the body and the fame.

    The talent.
    She is an excellent actress and made a stunning role in the two Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I loved the interaction between her and Johnny Depp, haha.

    The looks.
    What can I say? She has a really uniqe face, beautiful but a bit of ugliness in it. Erhh, well ugly might not be the right word, but... well uniqe. If I was a guy I would fall in love with her. If I was a girl, which I am of course , I would wanna look like her.

    The body.
    I don't think she looks anorectic. She looks thin. Thin is good.

    The fame.
    She has the fame, and the money that comes with it. Nice.
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    Keira Knightley is an extremely talented actress thugh I have noticed a few faults and sometimes she underacts.
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    She is such a tallanted actress.
  • A totally girly pirate...

    I just loved her in the movies 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'!!!! Her role of Elizabeth suited her...I loved he rin a drama 'Pride & Prejudice' where she showed that she can act in other movie types...I can't wait for the third (final?!) part of 'Pirates'! It's gonna be a BIG and HUGE blockbuster!!!!!
  • Beautifull and talented actress!!!

    Keira Knightley is really one of my favourite actresses!! She is sooo beautifull and really amazing actress!!! I know her from my faves movies 'Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2'! Where she plays with Johnny Dep and Orlando Bloom! Fantastic group!!!!! Keira is sooo young, she is only 21!!! She is soooo gorgeous!! I adore her so much!
  • I think she's great. There's more below...

    I have seen a couple of her movies and she always does a good job in her roles. I also like how she takes risks by being in movies in a range of different genres. Aside from the fact that she is beautiful, she also is very charming. I've seen her on television doing interviews and she seems like a normal person and she acts her age. I've never once seen her seem to be too pretentious. I think it is very refreshing to see someone who is actually grateful and enjoys what they are doing. I have never gotten the impression that she is conceited. So on top of being a great young actress, she seems like a nice and humble person. What's there not to like?
  • Read on to see my personal opinion about Keira Knightley.

    I have to agree with SamAngel91 on Keira Knightley. She is so lucky. She got to kiss Johnny Depp! O M G! And she got to kiss Orlando Bloom. My god, he is SUCH a hottie. I loved Keira Knightley's Oscar dress, but I loved her Golden Globes dress evern more, however, her Oscar dress, the ruby mermaid dress with the necklace, was OFF THE HOOK! But her Golden Globes white one was really pretty. I want to see her Emmy dress, if she is in the Emmys. She has nice clothes and is a really good actress and a somewhat pretty woman.
  • OMG! Keira is so lucky!! She got to kiss Johnny Depp!! *sadness* [laughs] I\'m looking forward to her next movie Antonement and the third POTC movie!!

    I think she is really talented and absolutely gorgeous!I would definently like to be somewhat like her, because I want to pursue a career in acting. I look up to a lot of people like her. It is kind of weird, my childhood nickname was Boo, and it still is. My favorite subject is History too. [laughs] cool.
  • The underrated beauties of the world

    Keira Knightley, if any word can describe her, is truly one of the greatest ever actressess to come to the acting career. With that wonderful beautiful smile and pretty face it's a wonder she's never made it into the world's fifty most beautiful guys and gals. Any one in their right sense, do note that even some people out of their right sense too, can choose Keira Knightley over Jessica Simpson or Alicia Keys, hell she's prettier than Angelina Jolie (all though a lot of people are these days). Just how she's only been voted Britain's sexiest woman is a complete (obscene word"s") obscrunity. You wonder how people have somehow noted Chantelle, big surprise there, and not her. I was all for her winning the Oscar since watching Pride and Prejudice nearly made me cry. She has talent, looks and a great family background to back her up but Chantelle (still sounds like a sick joke from the cruellest of gods) as clogged nose'd as she is gets instant fame for looking like Paris Hilton (another one I don't get) and starring in Big Brother. This world really is going, sorry gone, to the dogs, or rats I should say.
  • Great actress.

    I think Keira Knightley is a great actress. She has a strong on-screen presence and is a beautiful woman. I haven't seen her in a role I have disliked yet, and she seems to have the talent of making any role her very own, something that all actors do not possess. Hopefully she will continue to find work, even when she's older and loses her supermodel good looks. I loved her in the first "Pirates of the Carribean", and I'm thrilled she's in the second and third movies. I really hope her role in larger in them than in the first, and that she's a heroin rather than a damsel in distress. She definitely has the talent to play almost any sort of character and I hope she can get more roles where she plays a strong character, such as her role in "King Arthur".
  • Keira Knightley is quite good at what she does.Deservers more.

    Keira Knightley is really pretty.I think she should be given bigger roles and i also think she is ready to have a movie of her own.She is quite talented as i have seen her act in love actually and lots of other shows. I think she deservers more credit and not just play the sezy co-star