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  • Keira has starred in many movies at such a young age. Like bend it like beckham, pride and prejudice, all the pirates ones,love actually, domino etc

    She is probably one of the best actresses of our generation to be honest. She clearly talented. She can act well and you actually believe what she is showing us. I think its been a long time since there has actually been an actress that has her talent. Nowdays we have throw away actors that can barely act, or just seem to fake for the role.
    Some of her stand out performances for me are definately Bend it like beckham, pride and prejudice and definately attonement. She seems to be down to earth person. In most of her interviews she doesnt seem like shes trying to be anyone shes not. She seems relatively normal person and isnt set out to impress anyone except with her acting of course.I cant wait to see what her next movies are like!!