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  • Keith Carradine was amazing in Mindgame!

    Keith Carradine was amazing in Mindgame!

    It was funny and alot of fun!
    KEN RUSSELL directs Mindgame! Great show!

    I saw Mindgame last night at the Soho Playhouse. Directed by wacky British film director Ken Russell who directed Tommy and Altered States, the show stars Keith Carradine.

    Set in an Insane asylum, Mindgame is a Comic psycho thriller hat reads like a comic book.

    You can get less than 1/2 price tickets by using promo code FWBB at
    This show is a must-see for any pulp, comic book or thriller fan.

    Im telling you, you will have a blast at this show!
    Tell your friends and family to all come and see Keith Carradine at his best!!!