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  • Trivia

    • In 2004, Keith narrated the entertainment documentary, Gettysburg and Stories of Valor.

    • Keith portrayed George W. Bush in the American premiere of David Hare's play, Stuff Happens about the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    • In the early 1990s, Keith played the lead role in the Tony Award winning musical, Will Rogers Follies. He was nominated for Broadway's 1991 Tony Award as Best Actor in a Musical for this role.

    • Keith married Hayley DuMond on November 18, 2006, in Torino, Italy.

    • Following the divorce, Keith's ex-wife, Sandra Will Carradine, was romantically involved with LA private eye, Anthony Pellicano. Anthony helped her gathered evidence to help her settle her divorce with Keith by placing illegal wiretaps on his phone. She later plead guilty and received a jail sentence.

    • Carradine has three children. A son, Cade, and daughters Sorel and actress Martha Plimpton.

    • In 2007, Keith won a Prism Award for his performance in a TV-Movie for Our Very Own.

    • In 1976, Keith won an Oscar and Golden Globe for best music original song for Nashville's "I'm Easy."

    • Keith appeared in the music video for Madonna's single Material Girl.

    • Keith began theatrical training at Colorado State University.

    • Keith is the half-brother of actors David Carradine and Michael Bowen.

    • Keith was nominated for Broadway's 1991 Tony Award as Best Actor in a Musical for his role in The Will Rogers Follies.

    • Keith was married to Sandra Will in 1982. They had two children. The couple later divorced and Keith remarried.

    • Keith is 6'1".

    • Kieth married his wife Hayley DuMond on the same day as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but it was not as high profiled. The couple met on the set of Hunter's Moon when they were filming in 1995.

    • Keith's father was actor John Carradine.

    • In 1995, Keith played Buffalo Bill Cody in the movie Wild Bill. Nine years later he played Wild Bill Hickock in HBO's Deadwood.

    • Keith is the father of actress Martha Plimpton from The Goonies. His daughter is from the relationship he had with actress Shelley Plimpton.

  • Quotes

    • Keith Carradine: (About playing the bad guy n Coyote Waits) It was great fun. I've got this huge mustache going anyway, because I'm playing Wild Bill Hickok on an HBO series right now. So I had to grow my own mustache for that. And it served. It worked for this character of McGiniss.

    • Keith Carradine: (About Dexter and his role on the show) It's the best kind of show to step into. If you're invited to join a show for a season and it could be a hit show, yeah, it's great. [My character] pretty much interact with all the regulars on the show but I seem to be forming a partnership with Dexter's sister and there seems to be a blossoming romance.

    • Keith Carradine: (On his role as Wild Bill Hickok) It's a challenging role in that the guy has taken on such a mythic proportion over the years. When Gary Cooper played the part, he didn't have long hair, he didn't have the mustache. It was more of a Hollywood take on who the guy was. Jeff Bridges was the first one to actually play Hickok with any degree of historical accuracy. I've been given an opportunity to carry on in that light.

    • Keith Carradine: (on awards) They don't mean anything to me. Until I win one.