Keith Colburn






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Keith got his start in commercial fishing in the winter of 1985. Keith, a Lake Tahoe ski bum, was looking for a change and at 22 years of age jumped on a plane with his lifelong best friend Kurt Frankenberg. Together they landed in Kodiak, Alaska with no experience, a tent and $50 dollars. With only the romantic vision of working at sea and the rumor of big pay-days, Keith was determined to try something new and exciting. He started as a true greenhorn on the Alaska Trader, a 135 foot crabber/tender.

The hook was set instantly for the young greenhorn. The fishing lifeand camaraderie of being part of a crew working in and against the elements captured him immediately. While initially looking only for adventure in Alaska's unknown waters, Keith found plenty of that, but also something unexpected a career.

Keith quickly moved up to ranks from a full deckhand to the current position that he has now - a licensed captain and owner of the premier crab vessel the F/V Wizard.