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  • He is apparently a fine chef.

    From what I am given to understand, Keith Famie is apparently a fine chef. I don’t know so much about such things so I can only speak to his appearance on “Survivor – Australian Outback” and related shows.

    It seems that without a fully stocked kitchen and all the proper ingredients laid out in front of him, Keith can’t cook. When it came down to having to scrape together food for desperately hungry people, he failed. He also did not know about eating everything but the bones on the fish. He clumsily filleted the fish, throwing the nutrient rich skin, guts and heads away, as if he was preparing appetizers for rich diners and a posh restaurant.

    Keith had an annoying manner about him that no doubt suits a fancy pants chef in the kitchen of an excessively expensive restaurant. I would have kicked him to the curb early and it’s a shame that he made it to third place.